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Strippers Love Wrestling at Lucha Vavoom

A Lucha Vavoom show is unlike any other. Some would consider it a wrestling show, which is primarily how it is promoted after all. Others might consider it a strip show, with some wrestling mixed in. The reality is a genuine mix of the two.

The Travelling Stripper

If you want to travel the globe and make money stripping, what is next? How do you find a good stripper agent? Understanding the unique needs of dancers, many are taking their hustle to the next level. It is no surprise then how many niche enterprises are bursting up within the international striptease industry, with stripper-agent being a perfect ...

High Heel Sex Appeal

Strippers need their platforms today just as much as vintage glamour needed its high-heel stiletto shoe. But that is only the recent story. Heels have a long history of sex appeal, style and power. Shoes are symbolic. They can communicate a person’s gender, class, sexual orientation, subculture or profession. The absence of shoes can ...