Dancer Mistakes #3



As dancers we are selling a fantasy. It’s all about keeping it unreal and getting the customer to spend all his funds by providing a fabulous time and boosting his ego. The topic of how customers don’t realise that dancers are just normal people with normal lives is very common in the dressing room, but we need to remember that this is the fantasy they are buying. They want us to be different, they don’t really want to know we are regular people, they like to believe they are stepping into another world when entering the stripclub and that reality is elsewhere. We can’t forget that the customer, just like us, is a real person with a normal life, he probably has a family, a job, problems and so on. I find it very useful to always keep that in mind and in some way (even if difficult) and try to put myself in the shoes of the customer. Why is he here? What is he looking for? What has his day been like? And so on. All customers are in the stripclub for a reason, I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of them are looking for a good time, otherwise they’d be elsewhere! Read about other dancers mistakes, dont forget to up sell

Every girl works differently and what works for one might not work for another, but to be successful we all need to bring out the actress within.  You don’t want to be giving away too much of yourself, first of all because it’s mentally draining and really not necessary, second of all (and most important): showing the real you (for example by complaining, talking about your boyfriend, gossip about other dancers etc) will not help you make more money.

The list of ways of spoiling the fantasy and ruin your chances of getting the customer to maximize  his spendings is long, but here are a few very common mistakes summed up:

  • Not acting as if it’s all about him. Even if all he could afford was a single dance, make him feel as it’s all about him during those three minutes, don’t look bored. He might come back for more, you never know. When talking to a customer, don’t look around or look bored, listen to him, laugh at his jokes, ask for his advice, make him feel special and he will want to stay with you, it’s that easy!
  • Talking too much. We all love the sound of our own voice, that’s why the customer should be doing most of the talking. Answer his questions but always direct the conversation onto him. It will make him feel important and he will want to stay with you meaning spend money on you.
  • Being too honest. It’s good to stay close to the truth but it should be polished and always told from a positive perspective. Alternatively put, just give the answer they want. Making them think they have you figured out will boost their ego.
  • Revealing you are real. Once we forget to play the stripper card and keeping it sexy chances are the customer will start to feel uneasy. Remember he came into a stripclub, don’t reveal you are real until after he has paid.


Written by Nadia, former dancer and owner at Dance Away


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