London Stripper Terri

London Stripper Terri

London Stripper Terri


Framed by gold mirrors and bathed in warm bronze lights, London Stripper Terri leans her tanned back against the rails and rests one heeled foot on the wooden, winding floor of the staircase. Terri, our coverdancer of the month, performs exclusively at the renowned and now, renovated, Windmill International.

Strip Mag catches up with the chocolate eyed beauty to ask her some questions……..  

  1. What first attracted you to dancing at The Windmill International?

The Windmill is famous world wide because of its rich history; the clientele are more respectful and as it’s seen as more of a tradition to attend clubs such as The Windmill.

  1. London Stripper TerriDo you dance anywhere else?

No, I dance exclusively at The Windmill. The club is stunning, so coming to work is exiting rather than a chore. 

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  1. What is the best feature of dancing at The Windmill?

Definitely the Stage!  I can really showcase my moves and I feel like I’m performing at a an old fashioned theatre….which in a way, I am.  When I perform on stage it really feels glamorous and sexy… and of course, being centre of attention makes you feel important!

  1. Do you dance regularly i.e. regular hours at the club – Mon, Tues, Weds etc?

I dance from around 9 till 4am, most days.

  1. What is your signature style and act?

I love to seductively come down the stairs from the stage until I’ve reached the pole…….

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London Stripper Terri




  1. What is your favourite costume?

Tuesday we are required to wear white lingerie …. I feel white really compliments my tanned skin.

  1. What first attracted you to stripping?

The money!!!

  1. What advice would you give someone who is considering entering the industry?

Enjoy it and be patient – some nights you will make enough money to last you a month, and other nights you might not. But stick with it… and don’t get greedy!


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