Rock Stripper MishMish on Barbie Pagents and Pole Dancing

Rock Stripper MishMish

Rock Stripper MishMish


Michal Akrabi, whose stage name is Rock Stripper MishMish, is so fabulous she pisses glitter, sneezes rubies and screams stardust.  She dates the guitarist from the four piece rock bank, King Lizard, and performs sexy pole dancing spectacles. She is no stranger to alternative modelling and rock festivals, and has the sort of vampy beauty portrayed so seductively by your smoky eyed gothic, Morticia from The Addams Family.

Strip Mag catches up with this dark, gorgeous force to ask her some questions…..

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  1. Where can we see you perform? 

You could always try travelling to my home country – Israel. I perform at a lot of Alternative Rock Nights – here in the UK, and back home….

Maybe you’re just have to keep an eye out for me. Look for a pole, search for a rock venue…. that’s where you’ll find yours truly. Top earning stripper in the world, Jessica Simmonds


  1. What are you plans for the future?

I’d like to form my own band – maybe one whereby we’re all rock chicks that strip off and pole dance. Didn’t that band L7 used to grope each other? Maybe we’ll all do something similar after we’ve dazzled you all on the pole.

But for now, I’m going to concentrate on entering a Barbie Beauty Pageant or I might audition for the lead role in the West End… Legally Blond. Yeah I’ll do that. London Stripper Zoe


  1. Rock Stripper MishMishWhere did you learn to pole dance?

I do a lot of workshops with top dancers, like Jenyne Butterfly, Pantera………but to be honest, I took to pole dancing fairly quickly, and I have one in my flat, much to the delight of my landlord. I don’t even think I was supposed to erect it – but hey, he never complained when I showed him a few moves.


  1. Why MishMish?

It means Apricot in Israeli…..


  1. Where can we see more of you?

On youtube, facebook and google, baby. I’ve got recordings of me singing, and on facebook there are plenty of pictures of yours truly, dancing. Maybe I’ll enter a Miss Demonia model of the year… then you’ll see plenty of me. London Stripper Terri

All pictures kind courtesy of Ze’ev Omega Levin and Yoni Sherman 

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