Nightclub applies to become Boston’s sole lap dancing venue

Nightclub bits for lap dancing venue rights approval

A nightclub has applied for a permission to become a lap dancing venue. The owners have seen a gap in the market as there has not been any lap dancing venue in Boston since Dream Girls have closed down.

lap dancing venueThe plan is to change the status of After Dark in Craythome Lane, Boston, to a mixed use of a bar and an adult-entertainment venue.

At present, the club is the only licensed venue to sell alcohol.

It is now up to Borough Council to decide whether to grant the permission of Boston’s locals to have a lap-dancing entertainment in the city. The prospects are positive as it will benefit the economy of the city, creating a more vibrant nightlife.

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A new high-end club has opens doors

14 lap dancing venue‘14’ is a brand new club nestled in the heart of the West End at 14 Leicester Square.  Unashamedly exclusive, 14 redefines exotic luxury and caters to the needs and demands of London’s elite by providing 21 sumptuous suites, first class entertainment, intuitive service and the best Dancers in London.  Deliciously decadent, yet deliberately intimate.

Sophisticated and professional stage shows, cash showers and an infectious energy creates an experience unlike any other London club.  Distinctly, performers may only sit with customers ‘by invitation only’, ensuring a relaxed, hassle free and enjoyable evening.

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Elegance bit to open in Southsea Conservative club has been rejected

Elegance bit to move to Albert Road and open between 21.00 and 04:00 have been turned down.

EleganceEven though the club received 468 supportive representations one of them stating that lap-dancing clubs “tend to have the least amount of crime associated with them”, and “It’s a venue where mostly mature individuals have a chance to enjoy a good night out.”, the council decided to reject the application.

One of the primary reasons resulting in the decision were the 63 objections and the petition against the proposal signed by 1,300 people. The objectors claimed it would be “wholly inappropriate” for the club to be near the music venue Wedgewood Rooms, and it would also “cause women to fear for their safety late at night”.

The councilors voted seven to one against the application at the Planning Committee meeting.

In 2012 Portsmouth councillors voted not to ban lap-dancing clubs in the city, but said no more licences will be granted for similar venues.

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Man smashes a strip club window in a rage with champagne bottle after a dancer refused to meet him

An ‘angry’ thug smashed the window of Cleopatra’s Lounge, Huddersfield with a champagne bottle after one of its lap dancers refused to meet him outside the club.

Man smashes a strip club window35 year-old Duwayne Kaid had been in the company of the related dancer for most of the night.

But when, the dancer turned down the offer to spend the rest of the night with him outside the club, he caused thousands of pounds’ damage to the venue.

He pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal damage when he appeared at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court.

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Whitehorse Shoreditch is closing down

Sad news have reached us that of the oldest clubs in Shoreditch area-Whitehorse is closing down in two months time. There is uncertainty over the reason but most sources cite that the rent has gone up after the building was sold and the venue couldn’t cope with the new rates.

Rembrandt’s stopped from opening as a full nude lap dancing venue

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