Burlesque Nightclub Tribute in LA

Burlesque Nightclub

Burlesque Nightclub


Currently the hottest nightspot in Hollywood is a new burlesque themed club called “Bootsy Bellows” on the Sunset Strip part of Sunset Boulevard . It is owned by actor and part time wrestler David Arquette ex husband of “Friends”  star Courtney Cox  and brother of Rosanne of “Desperately Seeking Susan” fame. Its name comes from the stage name used by his diseased mother Mardi who was a glamorous stripper and model in the 1960s and the walls of the club are covered in revealing photos taken at that time.

Burlesque performer Suzie Malone

There are burlesque acts, puppets, and musicians performing the intention Burlesque Nightclubbeing to recreate the sort of supper clubs that abounded in the 60s complete with Playboy bunny style waitresses. There is a show bar plus a VIP room where the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Robert Pattinson hang out meaning that the outside is always packed with paparazzi  looking to catch them off guard particularly as they leave. The intention is to create a sort of Rat Pack feel from the 60s when the likes of Sinatra, Martin, and Davies Junior used to socialise together.



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Author: Saxon

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