Stripping on your resume and how to sell it

Sex work is becoming more mainstream. Whilst there is still some way to go in creating full social acceptance and destigmatisation, more and more people have experience, whether that be personally, or via somebody they know. There will be more supply of sex work with the economic fallout from the pandemic. It remains to be seen if demand will increase in tandem. In normal financial downturns, demand decreases.After all, strippers are generally a luxury. However, in these strange times where social isolation and incidents of loneliness are a global phenomenon, early indications show that strip clubs will come back with a bang, at least initially. That being said, many countries have closed gentlemen’s clubs for the foreseeable. There are no reopening dates in sight and many strippers are needing to find alternative income. Furthermore, some have decided to change direction completely. Selling content isn’t for everyone. The biggest conundrum for any sex worker wanting to enter the mainstream employment market is, ‘Do I put stripping on my resume, and how?’

The retirement age for strippers is a personal preference. For some women it’s once an educational or training goal has been reached. For some women it’s once they start having children or get married. Other women go right through until they can’t physically dance anymore. Whatever camp you lie in, a significant number of performers need ways to put stripping on your resume at some point. The first thing to consider when exploring the jobs market, is establishing what transferable skills stripping provides. The first step is to view being a stripper as a being a business owner. There is a misconception in society that stripping just means turning up and getting naked. However, this is a myth that is extremely easy to debunk.

Transferable skills for stripping on your resume

Let’s look at the basic skills required to be a stripper:-

  • Time management – Time is money. Strippers have to know how to segment their time throughout the night, both in dances and in making sales. If you spend too long on a client without getting paid, you will eat into your chances of maximising your profits
  • Self-motivation – Strippers are self employed. A great benefit of the job is that you can pick your schedule. However, if you don’t work, you won’t earn. Strippers have to be self disciplined to prevent laziness. Especially if you aren’t in the mood.
  • Financial management/Mathematical Skills – Self employment also comes with one of the guarantees in life. Taxes. Strippers have to ensure they record earnings and manage accounts. The best strippers can cut deals quickly and accurately. Furthermore, with many clubs taking commission and fees, it helps to accurately calculate percentages to ensure everything adds up.
  • Social Intelligence – There are many different types of intelligence and, in the same way not everyone is academically intelligent, not everyone is socially intelligent. Strippers know how to read signals and body language and adjust accordingly.
  • Well presented – Strippers have to take care of themselves. Hair, make up, fitness and good grooming are a minimum requirement of the job.
  • Self confidence – A recurring nightmare for most people is walking into a room in your underwear. This is a strippers reality. If you can get naked in a room of strangers, you have the confidence for anything a ‘normal’ job can throw.
  • Life and practical experience – This is particularly relevant if you have been, or are, a travelling stripper. Being able to take initiative, be adaptable and push yourself out of your comfort zone are qualities desirable to the majority of employers.

How can I phrase ‘stripper’ as a job title?

Honesty is generally the best policy, however, sometimes putting ‘stripper’ on your resume, or ‘lapdancer’, isn’t possible due to stigma or personal circumstances. When the situation requires a more discrete label, there are some job titles that still communicate the skill set. Sometimes, a vague description can land the interview and it’s easier to choose to elaborate further once you can read the situation and interviewer in person.

What is the best job for a stripper?

You may already have a career path in mind, however, if you are open minded, there are certain jobs that are an easy transition for a stripper. The most obvious job is sales. Realistically, if you have the confidence and ability to sell yourself, you can sell anything. The personal nature of sex work requires a degree of confidence and a thick skin that makes other sales work, child’s play. You will already have the ability to approach, read the client, adjust your presentation and close the deal. These are skills that can be learnt through experience but are very difficult to teach. Sales jobs are competitive, target driven environments. Many employers in this field are open minded if you get results.

Other great employment fields for strippers include PR, marketing, events and hospitality and counselling and psychology.

The ultimate career path for strippers…

Sales is a great job for strippers. Furthermore, strippers are natural entrepreneurs. Starting a business is a very common progression for women in the industry. This is because of a variety of reasons. Strippers are all individuals but there are common traits that keep women in the industry. Being independently minded is a huge one. It can be very hard for women to transition into ‘regular’ work after a number of years of travelling, picking your hours, making your own money and naming your price. It is normally possible if the dancer wants the new job enough, or wants to leave dancing enough, but it is still often challenging.

Dancers are a creative and fearless bunch with access to earning and achieving capital. If you are a dancer with an idea, go for it. Set up that side hustle or retirement plan. Continue to answer to nobody but yourself and use your skills and talents to build an empire! Think outside the box, whether with how to put stripping on your resume or going it alone. Have confidence in your ability to take everything that dancing teaches you to set yourself up beyond your club career.

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Author: Rochelle

I am a UK based, owner of an international stripper recruitment agency called Showgirls International. I have over 10 years club experience worldwide. When I think I have seen it all, something proves me wrong and that is what keeps me on my toes and fascinated with the industry!