The 9 Worst strip club names

If you are gonna open up a strip club picking a name can always be a
conundrum. Whatever name you choose will automatically invoke thoughts
about your club being either swank or skank so you wanna put some thought
into it. Precious items & expensive things always seem to be a good idea,
Solid Gold, Pure Platinum, Diamonds, the Penthouse all conjure up images of
luxury. If your club has more of a laid back road house type atmosphere
perhaps a humorous name with a double entendre or in joke would be more
appropriate like The Lumber Yard, Pop a Top or Bottoms Up. But what about
names to avoid? Certainly there could be many that people just won?t find
appealing. Here now are the top ten worst names for a strip club:10 – McPasties9 – The Manor of Sexually Abused Runaways

8 – The Genital Shack

7 – Grope-acabana

6 – Club Blackmail

5 – House of the Rising Cover Charge

4 -Titsylvania

3 – Homewreckers

2 – Classy Earl?s House of Class & Tits

1 – Dreamcrushers

A thanks to JW for letting us use his article.

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