A La Charm Strip Club an enchanting world of fantasy

A La Charm Strip Club

A La Charm Strip club is a high-end club in the heart of Hamburg widely recognized for its first-class erotic entertainment and almost legendary shower shows.

A La Charm

A La Charm

When entering into the Strip club you become part of an exotic, vibrant atmosphere full of glamour, life and temptation.

The welcoming large sofas comfortably position you to face the stage and allows you to enjoy the memorable sight of glamorous strippers gyrating their wet seductive bodies on the stage during a stunning shower performance.


The ambient lightning shifting between warm reds and marine blue wraps you in a world of secrecy and enchantment revealing  the marvelous curves of the performers and reflecting the vibrant, international flair of a metropolis.

A La CharmThe well staffed bar offers a wide-range of choice from classical and high-quality spirits and breath-taking shows perfect for stag parties, entertaining business acquaintances and wild bachelor evenings, all tailored to your requirements.

But above all, this Strip club is exceptional for its transparent price policy offering high-class shows like the ”Cream Show” or the popular “Strip and Streak” at amazing prices.

So, whatever the occasion, you are guaranteed real fun and an unforgettable experience.

The link to their web-site is:


Here you will find adress and all contact info for the club: https://stripclubguide.com/place/a-la-charm-club/


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Author: Letty