Madam Amour-Copenhagen’s mesmerising world of seduction

Madam Amour

Standing proudly at the heart of Copenhagen, impressing with the enticing ambience of a Moroccan palace and the most enchanting and provocative girls, Madame Amour can truly exceed your expectations on every level.

Madam AmourThe club offers a one-time experience with its Live Striptease Cabaret Show, an exclusive, relaxing and friendly atmosphere and, of course, the hottest dancers in Denmark.

With an impeccable reputation for over a decade, Madam Amour is the club of choice for both customers and employees, offering an untapped earning potential along with a friendly environment.

Designed as a burlesque club, Madam Amour embodies a world of refined luxury with its soft shapes, crystal chandeliers, heavy curtains and thick carpets.

Spreading over 400 square meters, the mesmerizing world of Madam Amour has everything to offer for its customers- from private rooms to large VIP areas and exclusive VIP rooms where clients can enjoy a relaxing and invigorating experience. For additional comfort, the VIP rooms are equipped with a service button and VIP guests are entitled to a special treatment with complimentary cocktails and drinks.

Madam AmourThe stage is the home to what can boldly be defined as the club’s premier attraction, the stars of the show-the glamorous and talented dancers. It’s romantic burlesque design lets the customer’s imagination run wild, with exciting live shows, pole dancing and cabaret style striptease.

The bar offers a sophisticated lounging experience and delivers a whole new level of excellence. From unrivalled cocktail and champagne collections to the seductive design of its space, the club is remaking the night out!

Madam Amour is the ideal destination to relax and enjoy a magic night out, bring your business partner or simply treat your loved ones with an unforgettable experience. For every occasion you may have, the club is well worth a visit.

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