A woman has been arrested for Airport striptease protest at Essex airport

Striptease protest

A woman gave vent to her frustration over security delays at Stansted Airport in Essex with an impromptu striptease protest shocking fellow passengers and airport staff.

Striptease protestUnfortunately, the artistic expression of her anger resulted in fines and legal costs of £150 and a 12 hours period in a cell. Her arm has also been broken during the arrest. Irish-born Eimear Ni Ghiallgairrh, 29, of Huntingdon, began stripping off in the security-check area of the airport in protest against delays to her flight to Ireland.

Learn the shocking history of Striptease

By the time she had removed her skirt and was standing in her black tights two police officers stepped in to preserve her modesty.

The striptease protest was described at Chelmsford Magistrates Court where Ghiallgairrh pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour and criminal damage.

You can find more details on: http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2016-02-18/womans-striptease-protest-at-stansted-airport-delays/

A “stag party stripper” and a drunk British groom are facing a fine of £20 000 after Ryanair flight was forced to divert

One of Ryanair’s planes was forced to divert its course from London to Bratislava and land in Berlin instead, due to the unruly behaviour of it’s passengers.

486850Six members out of a group of twelve are said to have become uncontrollable while celebrating a bachelor party, one of them stripping naked before 170 passengers. This has forced the pilot to make an unscheduled stop in Berlin and remove the passengers concerned from the flight.

Local police said the drunken Britons, aged 25 to 28 and from Southampton, were met by officers upon landing at Schoenefeld airport.

They initially blamed the groom, but he went public a few days later saying he was disappointed by the events, he was not one of those arrested and carried on his journey with the plane.

Read more on: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/drunk-british-groom-stag-party-7457592#OJk3gJYg4Df1JSXR.97

A police officer was mobbed after being mistaken for a stripper A young police officer was forced to make a hasty retreat after being mistaken for a stripper while patrolling.

us-cop-01Wiltshire police officer Mike Ober was investigating an open door at a social club. There he was greeted by a group of women celebrating 50th birthday who went “wild with excitement” assuming he was the male stripper they had ordered.

“The party was about to get started and they thought I was early”, the officer said.

Mr Ober claimed he has just been poking his head round the door because the club in Bradford upon Avon was not normally used at the weekend, but as he went into the premises there were “loud cheers”.

Luckily, he was told that he was too early and should come back later, which gave him the chance to flew from the venue passing the real stripper on his way in.

You can find more information on: http://www.policeoracle.com/news/quirkies_and_humour/2016/Feb/01/pcso-mobbed-by-women-after-being-mistaken-for-stripper_90774.html/humour

Lap-dancer dumps her husband in an Asda car park on Valentine’s day and moves in with Premier League Star Jeramin Defoe

Stripper Rachel Calvert who is also the mother of a three-year-old broke with her husband at an Asda park on Valentine’s day and asked for a divorce so she can move with Premier League footballer Jermain Defoe.


Her husband is said to be livid about the situation, and his former partner’s relationship with Defoe is thought to be causing further misery because he is a fan of rival Premier League team Newcastle.

Mrs Calvert, who works as a lapdancer at the Blue Velvet club in Newcastle under the stage name Lydia, has since been spotted in her slippers moving wheelie bins around outside Defoe’s £2m mansion.

Read more on: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3456850/Lapdancer-dumps-husband-Asda-car-park-Premier-League-star-Jermain-Defoe.html



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