Old conflict between bikie gang and security industry results in fire explosion at Kittens Strip Club in Melbourne

Kittens Strip Club fire

An ongoing feud between outlaw motorcycle gangs and security companies is believed to be linked to an explosion at Kittens Strip Club in south Melbourne. The fire has caused significant damages to the unoccupied building.

7170820-3x2-700x467A white BMW has been spotted speeding away from the scene that has later been found burnt-out at Hallam.

The explosion is said to have sparked a large blaze with 20-metre-high-flames. When the fire brigade arrived, the roof was fully engulfed. It took 30 firefighters to bring the blaze under control. Luckily, the fire was put out within an hour and there are no injuries from the accident.

This has been the third attack on Kittens Strip Club venue for the past few months. The area has previously been linked with drive-off shootings.

You can find more information on: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-16/police-investigate-explosion-at-melbourne-strip-club-kittens/7170604

BBC documentary explores the growing number of young men who are stripping online for money

A provocative BBC documentary shows a staggering number of young men going into the sex industry by exposing their bodies online for profit. Some of the lads are starting as young as 16.Webcam-Boys

According to the programme despite it being rarely seen, the world of male sex workers might be on a bigger scale than many would imagine.

A recent study showed that five per cent of male students had worked in some capacity in the sex industry, compared to less than 3.5 percent of women.

The BBC Three documentary , Webcam Boys, follows a number of men, and the people around them, to find out more about what motivates them to get in front of the webcam and what it actually involves. If you are interested in making a documentary, there is an updated and comprehensive article on how to make a documentary based on the writers past 10 years of experience working with teams around the world. It includes many practical tips and advice. You can find it here: https://www.jenreviews.com/how-to-make-a-documentary/

Find more information on: http://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/webcam-boys-male-online-strippers-7294117

One person dies and several others are injured as a result of Florida strip club shooting

Police have reported that eight people have been injured and one has died from a shooting scene at club Rayne in north Tampa. The incident occurred in Club Rayne North Tampa, an area renowned for its number of lap-dancing bars. untitledOfficers found several people suffering from gunshot wounds on their arrival, one of whom died at the scene. Another person has been taken to hospital before officers arrived.

Details related to the victims injuries and the person who passed away would not be released until the identity of the body is confirmed and next of kin notified, Lt Ruth Cate, a spokesperson for Tampa police notified.

A video captured by a news agency outside the club shows at least one patron and a member of the venue’s security team being carried away on stretchers. Another man is shown lying unconscious on the foothpath.

The motif that has caused the accident has yet remained unclear. Police are making a further investigation on the case. The club has refused to comment on the accident.

Find more on: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/feb/06/one-person-dead-several-injured-florida-strip-club-shooting


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