The Purrrrfect Strip Club….SophistiCats


SophistiCats has an unfair advantage over most London Strip clubs…. For a start, the co-owner happens to be Simon Langer, whose credentials include a long line of fashionable London night clubs before he set his sights on the strip scene, whilst house dad Lance Fuller is renowned for his creativity and passion for detail… so perhaps it’s little wonder that SophistiCats – located in London’s fashionable Marylebone – is one of the Capital’s most popular strip and lap dancing venues.

“We reach a point each night where we are at full capacity” remarks Simon. “In fact, we have to turn clientele away when we get to that stage”.

SophisticatsIn the current economic climate, SophistiCats is one of few clubs that can make such a boast, and with good reason: At £20 entry, the venue is spotless, secure and the dancers sexy and scintillating.

“We’ve had an Ibiza themed party, a SnowCats party and Gumball rallies, Wimbledon etc.” Simon adds. “Lance is extremely creative and all the girls work hard to create a great atmosphere.”  Such attention is perhaps another reason that SophistiCats does so well – it has a sense of humour and irony and pays attention to detail.  Other themed nights have included Polo, White Parties and of course, festivals like Halloween and Christmas.

Dancers are not crammed in to one evening, so the chances of being pestered are low – SophistiCats is about class and quality, not quantity. So rather than try to vie for a client’s attention in a competitive atmosphere, there is a fun and exciting ambience for both clients and dancers. Are you looking for Strip Club Jobs


“We offer our dancers the best working conditions we can,” says Simon. “We have a good management system whereby the dancers and clientele are our responsibility – from top to bottom, we offer support and we’re a venue that is a stickler for detail”.

And SophistiCats is the epitome of rippling sensuality and echoes of the new romantic era: with a wooden stage that boasts 3 golden poles, there are framed photographs of beautiful dancers, red velvet curtains and black panthers both sides of where the girls enter the stage.  The club is centered equally around the client’s comfort and a stage for the girls to perform in style.  If discretion is required, then the private VIP areas are curtained off, with the emphasis being on class and privacy.

SophistactsSophistiCats was designed to be sexy yet strong in style and character.  With its leopard print carpet and the black panthers guarding the stage entrance, it is a distinctive club which can offer a purr or a roar…. one of the co-owners was, after all, a successful dancer in her own right and had a hand (paw) in the structure and layout of the venue.   So what are the future plans for SophistiCats?

Simon smiles.   “Expansion of course… a cat has to stretch, doesn’t it?” 

And there you have it. Find more information about SophistiCats here

SophistiCats is located at – 28 Marylebone Lane, London W1U 2DR

Tel: 020 7224 4488 Hours: Mon-Tue 9:30pm-5am; Wed-Sat 9:30pm-6am; Sun Close


Subway: Bond Street

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