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Peter Stringfellow is undoubtedly the most successful club owner in the UK, the Covent Garden club that bears his name was the most famous nightclub in town as soon as it opened in 1980. He was then one of the first to see the potential in table dancing in the UK and converted his club in 1996 since when it has established itself firmly as the top London venue and a magnet for capital’s sophisticated and wealthy. It also attracts more celebrities than any other club including people as varied as Lemmy from Motorhead, Professor Steven Hawking, and Lady Thatcher.

Peter with Simon Cowell and Sting

The format has been such a success that Peter Stringfellow has been looking for other cities which are cosmopolitan and prosperous enough to support his style of club. In 2001 he opened a club in Paris but the biggest expansion is set for 2005 with the opening of a Stringfellow’s in Dublin and a 2nd club in London to be called “ Stringfellow’s Soho”.

If you want to meet famous people like Peter Andre and Lemmy while dancing then Stringfellow’s is the place for you

The 2 new venues are going to be large, innovative, very plush, and very modern and will change the concept of table dancing clubs in both cities. Given the vast experience of the Stringfellow team there is no doubt that these new clubs will be just as successful as the old.

With an existing roster of over 200 girls Stringfellow’s is always looking to recruit additional beautiful and charming new “Angels” but in the 2nd half of 2005 there will be even more opportunities given the requirements of the exciting and large new clubs. Not that this means there will be any lowering of standards therefore the recruitment of a large number of gorgeous, talented, and friendly girls is starting right now in preparation .

If you are interested in becoming part of the Stringfellow’s success story contact …..

Pat Jay +44 (0)2076328853

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