Mistakes Strippers Make #2 Losing focus

Mistakes Strippers Make

Last months post was about the mistake of relying on luck and not taking our job as serious business so to bring up alcohol as the next mistakes strippers make feels quite natural. It’s a fact: getting drunk/wasted/hammered/pissed/call it what you want is bad for business. It’s a fact.



One of the most common question aspiring new dancers make is “I am not a great dancer, will I still be able to make money?” The answer is obviously YES! Being an amazing dancer is not at all crucial, almost everyone can learn how to move slowly and sexy. As a matter of fact: dancing is probably the easiest part of this job, most people don’t seem to realise that the hard work lies in getting customers to spend their hard earned cash. So, yes, you will most definitely be able to make money if you are willing to label yourself  ‘salesperson/dancer’ rather than just ‘dancer’.  Having said that: no salesperson in their right state of mind would ever argue that being drunk at work helps. So why is it any different just because we add ‘dancer’ to the equation? Read about the top earning stripper in the world


Our work shouldn’t be about “having a good time (and if luckymake some money)”. It should always be the other way around – “making good money (and if lucky have some fun!)” And being able to do that night after night without having to take time off because we are too hungover to even come in, the only person unable to get out of bed the following day should be the customer! Learn How stripping provides a much better life for my family

Think about it, having access to alcohol is a massive advantage we have over people working more regular sales jobs. But for it to work in our favour we must only use it to get the customer less focused, not ourselves! Staying sober means remembering at all times that we are at work and not wasting time or energy where it doesn’t make us money. (As a bonus it is also good for our health and figure!) Learn how to deal with rejection at work

In most European countries clubs requires us to sell alcohol so staying 100% sober can sometimes be very difficult but there are plenty of ways of making sure to minimize our alcohol intake. Changing glasses, pouring it out, ordering virgin drinks when possible etc. Talk to staff and other dancers and always help each other. Remember that as dancers we are selling a fantasy, so stay focused and don’t get caught up in it! Learn how to find the best strippers jobs here

Written by Nadia, former dancer and owner at Dance Away


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