Top earning stripper in the world, Jessica Simmonds 

We have invited top earning stripper Jessica Simmonds over to talk to us, so that we can pick her brains on how girls who are already in the stripping industry can earn large sums of money.  

For anyone who doesn’t know Jessica, she has been working as a full time stripper in England and USA and is earning over £250,000 a year on 4 nights a week in 10 months. She is one of the top earning strippers in the world. She is still working but is now also teaching girls from scratch how to earn the type of money she is. She has created a manual at her

I spoke to Jessica to find out where she learnt how to become so good, why she is teaching and some of her guarded secrets.
So Jessica, how did you learn how to be a top earning stripper, earning SO much money?

Jessica, When I first started stripping, I never had done anything like this. In fact I went to university and had an office job that I hated. I luckily met a strip club owner who convinced me that I could be a stripper and earn more money than in my current job.

After thinking for a while I decided to give it a go and found it really difficult! I would come home in debt because I hadn’t made any money and I owed the club money. It was by being so bad and seeing how good some of the other girls were that got me thinking and I started learning everything that I could lay my hands on to become a better stripper. Her you can learn the Shocking history of Striptease

How did you learn?..

The girls at work were very secretive so I couldn’t ask any of them. To them any other girl is competition. So I watched the top girls and I practiced techniques, I made many mistakes until I learnt the art and science of making money as a stripper. I also did psychology courses and read a lot on how men think.

How long did this take you?..

Jessica: It took me about 12 months of working 6 days a week to become really good and know how to handle most situations, I am still always learning!

Where have you worked?..

I have worked in different clubs around London and also In Miami

Did you find it similar?..

Club rules vary from club to club, but essentially the basics are the same. It is our job to give the customers a great time and get customers to pay the most. Because what I do is based on human psychology, humans are the same no matter which country you are in.
So why are you now revealing your hard earned secrets?..

I have seen so many girls in strip clubs who are much more attractive then me go home with really crap money and very quickly give up.

As you can imagine, most girls don’t decide that stripping was their life long ambition!

They get into it as they either have no choice or are in financial trouble.
So I decided that I will write down all the things
I know so far and will create a manual to teach these girls.

It won’t really make any difference to my earnings, but will really help these girls out.

Share some of your secrets of your Success……..

Well since stripping is based on your body, a lot of girls get hung up on that. They think they have to be the best looking or have the best body/legs/breasts. I have found so many ordinary girls earn big money because of their confidence. So girls need to concentrate on feeling good about themselves. Find things that they like about themselves or what other people have found good about them.

People around them will feel this and want to be with them. Also I would say focus on the customer. Give him a great time and in return you will make the big money. In my book, I tell girls how to find the best customers and how to deal with them so they can get the most from them,
I can guarantee that girls will at least double their income. Here is an interview with another successful million dollar Stripper

You are actually guaranteeing this?..

Jessica – yes. I am so confident the girls can really benefit from this programme to make a better life for themselves, I receive feedback from my students on a daily basis with success stories on how many of these girls have managed to turn their life around, as I did being a top earning stripper. My reputation is on the line, I offer a 100% no quibble money back guarantee for anyone who can’t make money with this programme.
“this is the actual view I wake up to every morning from my riverside luxury apartment
in London, which I have paid for from my income from stripping.”

How are girl responding to the manual so far?..

It has amazed me… every girl who has read it and applied it has at least doubled their income and became a top earning stripper. It’s been really great to get all the emails telling me that what I have written is making a big difference to them.

At the moment I am offering a bonus with my manual of 3 month email support with me so they can ask me whatever they want. This is really helpful for girls who may be in slightly different clubs or have a particular issue that they would like to deal with. Read about how Stripping provides a much better life for my family.

So do a lot of girls email you for support?..

Most girls have at some point. I usually answer and let them test out what they have learnt. I then may get some feedback when I send them new tips. I do that once every 2 weeks.

So it seems that us men don’t have a chance?..

No not at all! We don’t manipulate you. We just figure out what men/our customer wants and find the best way to give it to him. Whether it be companionship, excitement or a distraction from their work/life problems.

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If you would like to learn how to make a great income from stripping and become a top earning stripper,check out Jessica’s website

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