Cover dancer Czech Sabrina

I was actually born in Vienna in Austria, not many people know this as everyone knows me as Czech Sabrina, but since I was 3 years old I’ve actually lived in Prague.

How long have you been dancing?

I have been dancing for 5 years now. I have never danced anywhere else apart from the UK. I started dancing in Spearmint Rhino’s at Tottenham Court Rd, at that time I was just a beginner so everything was new for me and very difficult. All the girls were so glamorous and perfect and I was scared! So after a few weeks one customer recommended a place called Metropolis that I should try. So I went for an audition and stayed there over 2 years. I did quite like that place at that time, I knew everyone there and it’s always easier to work people you know. I ended up meeting another Czech girl and she introduced me to the pub scene. It didn’t take long before I stopped working in clubs and started to concentrate on the pub scene, then stag shows, stripper grams etc until now.

Do you prefer working in pubs than clubs?
Absolutely!! I know some people think that it’s not good enough or that the pub girls are something less than club girls but to be honest, I think that they are absolutely wrong. These days there are just too many dancers and not enough jobs in clubs. In the clubs you usually pay a very high house fee so the management doesn’t really care how the girls look or if they can dance or not, standards are falling! In the bigger clubs they are sometimes over 100 girls per night, so you can imagine how difficult it must be for them to work. So sometimes they are miserable as soon as they enter the door. In pubs though there a limited number of girls allowed to work a shift so the atmosphere is much better and friendlier. In most places they really care about girls they put on; for example White Horse pub in Shoreditch where I have been working for the last several years there are always stunning girls on the stage, they wouldn’t put on a girl if she isn’t friendly and glamorous enough. So once you are there you will always have a good time and go home with a smile on your face.

What was your first time on stage like?

Probably similar to any other girl appearing on stage for the first time. I mean nervous, shy and not very confident however I did receive a lot of support from the audience which was a great boost. When I finished my dance I could say to my self: maybe I made people laugh or I made a fool of myself lol, but I did it and it can’t get any worse.

How long have you been working and do you combine it with anything else?

As I said am dancing for 5 years and on the side am also does glamour modelling. I started doing modelling at the age of 16 and I really enjoyed it but that was only fashion modelling at that time.

What is the part of stripping you enjoy the most?

It’s hard to say, I love every minute of it may be I know that it won’t last forever. I like making people happy and see that they are enjoying my performance. As I started doing stag shows its more fun because I can create my own shows with different costumes, music etc. it’s a bit different than stripping because people like to laugh and have a good time – if I see them enjoying themselves then I enjoy it too so it works both ways.

What advice would you give to a new girl starting out now?

If the girls are confident then that really helps, everyone likes to see a happy, smiling and friendly face as opposed to a moody and miserable one. Sometimes we have to put up with rude punters and we can’t loose our composure. That can be really difficult but after a few years in this business most girls realise that it’s better to take it easy and not to get stressed over nothing.

Where can we see you work?

I work in lots of places- White Horse Pub in Shoreditch, White Horse in High Wycombe, Tiffany’s in Aldershot, Foresters in Southend and many many more!!!!!!!! You can always check my website where I update my booking’s regularly.

Hugs and kisses

Czech Sabrina

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