Striptease artist of the year 2008, Joy

Scandinavian, petite (height 5’1.5),
Hair: blond and short cropped, eyes blue.
Dress size 6/8,
Age: forever young!Winner of the Erotic Awards –Strip-tease artist of the Year 2008, member of Equity and


1} How long have you been dancing and did you had any training?
I’ve been dancing for two years now, which for five months has been full-time. When I started working on the pub circuit (I began with London clubs but only did them for the first 9 months), I took some pole dancing classes from dancer called Solitaire, who later became a good friend. Later on I also attended a course with Elena at As a kid I did jazz and modern dance classes – something I’d like to get back now as a hobby…
2} How did you come to first start stripping?
A company I had been working for went bust, and ended up owing me a lot of money. A friend of a friend was dancing at in a central London club and I went to see her one night….After seeing the club and the girls I decided to give it a go – Scarily, I took to it like a duck to water!

3} Anybody been a major influence on your career? I’ve met some fantastic girls along the way so far and there are many girls I publicly applaud for their attitude, their love and pride for their work and their gorgeousness. Solitaire, Chiqi, Ima-Doll, Franca…the list goes on and on. I guess I’ve always been a sucker for showgirls though, my favourite film being Cabaret (with Liza Minelli) and I’ve always been fascinated with Josephine Baker.

4} What is the part of stripping you enjoy most? The connection with the audience. A good performance/show/dance always has that and that’s the magic.
5} What is the best compliment you have ever received? Receiving the Erotic Award – best Striptease artist 2008 award – just to be nominated was fantastic!

6} What advice would you give to a new girl starting out now? No-one’s died on stage so really it’s not that terrible to give it a go – but only continue if you enjoy it!

7} Do you like role playing and have you a favourite? I love characters and role-playing… gender-blending is good fun and playing with sub/dom power balances…
8} Where can we see you work ? I work at the White Horse at Shoreditch, a venue I love to bits to work at. I also work for Angels Exotic dancers and Tease agency, do private bookings/events and club nights, where we just do go-go, podium and pole dancing (not stripping!).

9} How could we book you?Check out my website and send me a message via the Contact page!

Pics 1-3 are
taken by Millie Robson, and picture 4 by John Duder….

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