Striptease Dancer Nicola from Leeds

I started dancing almost 8 yrs ago and all my friends were doing it abroad at the time i had to stay behind to be a mother and have my baby, as i was pregnant at the time they disappeared .
But as soon as my boy was 6 months and i was single again I decided to give it a go!


How was the first time for you on stage?I remember my first time like it was yesterday and i remember the nice man who helped me through step by step to make sure i got it right, the first stage dance was very frightening but for some reason i took to it like i had been doing it years it was weird scary but a same time very exciting!

Whats the best part of being a striptease dancer? And for how long will you continue?I enjoy my work and take pleasure in doing it too I have now danced all over the world and known in many towns and cities! due to a very interesting tattoo on my lower back, its funny because people dont know my name only as LEEDS girl!
I keep telling myself i will give it up soon this is almost 8 and a half years on, I have seen so many things and also grown up and become so much wiser than i was when i started, I enjoy the fact that people enjoy me dancing for them and I am very down to earth to so personality definitely goes down well!

The best part has to be the part where they are so chirpy and loud to begin when they walk out of that room they cant say anything its like a power we have over the men and it is a turn on to turn someone on most would agree!

How do you look at the strip-tease industry in Europe, and the directions its going to?The Industry I must say when i started all them years ago it was a place not many girls would do this type of job and there were not many clubs so it was very busy i feel now the industry has got greedy they put too many clubs in each town and too many girls on, I have worked Miami and Paris and Marbella and all over Britain and i would say its very popular now.

What are your plans for the future?My plans for the future are very interesting indeed? lets say you should invite me back in a year and i can fill you in as i believe it should be kept secret till it running, but you will be pleased for sure ( men)
What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a strip-tease dancer?
I would say to any girl getting into the Industry try it you will either like or hate it each is different but what i will say from experience is please dont let it change you! I have seen many lovely ladies personality change some for better some for worse but its all about growing and becoming your best! good luck girlies…

Who has taught you the most about your craft and what was the best advice you were given?I think you can only learn yourself it is good to take notes from other people but i believe to be a god dancer it takes just one person and that is you! you should never try to be someone else just try to be you, every dancer has something about them that is different and that is what makes us different from the rest its all about finding your best bit and bringing that out!

What is the best compliment youve ever received from a customer?The best compliment I was given from a customer has to be well i have to think about this one as in the years there has been many!! i think what makes a good compliment is when a customer comes back with friends and they seem to know all about you! I feel that that is what makes you as a dancer and that is the perfect compliment!

Why should a customer buy a table/lap dance with you?Why should a customer buy a dance from me indeed a good question but i must say I have never had a complaint and was crowned dancer of the year 2007 in Dec trophy to come with it!
I put my heart into my dances and customers always come back even if they do only remember my tattoo lol!

Why should a club manager book you?
I feel as if in the years of my dancing I would say my personality has got me far very cheeky witty and friendly I have worked all over the world but when it comes to a base i have been in Cardiff 7 years with my home club I would call it which my manager and owner of the club can say i have worked and grown in the club and come out on top! so i would say if a manager wanted me to work for them they would only need to ask about my personality and customer contact, they always come back lol!
Of course I also see my manager as my friend its been too many years i love them lol!

Last commentlast comments are Life is a journey not a destination we should keep going and trying new things and dancing is not just a job to me i take pride in my work and enjoy all the experiences with it!

Nicola ( Leeds)

You can contact me on

Tel 0044 (0)161 408 6157
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Mobile 0044 (0)7831 880218
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email [email protected]

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