Stripper and Playboy model Alma


Tell me about your dancing background, and how you ended up as a strip-tease dancer?



When i was 14 years old,i decided that i will be strip and revu(burlesque)dancer. I saw the Carneval of Rio in the television and i fallen in love with this world….the costumes,the music,beautiful girls

How was the first time for you on stage?
I was very nervious for the first time,but after 1-2 month i got used to it.

What’s the best part of being a striptease dancer? And for how long will you continue?
The best is that i can express myself,my feelings,my fantasies,my ideas.
The beautiful costumes,the travel and the success. I’d like to continue 2-3 more years for sure

How do you look at the strip-tease industry in Europe, and the directions it’s going to?
The problem is that not too much club what is really high level and they want cheap dancers not really professionals and qualificated.

What are your plans for the future?
I’d like to visit more beautiful clubs and exhibition in Europe,continue my exotic dance school succesfuly,go to more championship

What do you have to say to a girl, who wants to get into this industry and become a strip-tease dancer?

“Be hard and professional,practicing a lot different dance style,forget drugs,smoke and alcohol,never forget,what is your intention”

What do you enjoy about your work?
The success,that i’m inaccessible for the men,the love of the audience

Tell me about your first night on the job. How old were you and how did you like it compared to now?
I was 18 years old and really nervious and confused.I was not sure at all that i could do 1-2 month,everything changed,i’m happy that i didn’t give up.

Who has taught you the most about your craft and what was the best advice you were given?
You must belive always in yourself,never forget,from where did you come.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?
I love to get compliments from women,it counts much more. When i made shows in Moulin Rouge, the boss told me,make a striptease show what is really erotic and sensual,but don’t show anything just make people thinking to use their fantasies..and i did it. Also when i was in european strip championship in Spain,and i got the audience award. It was a very important moment for me.

What is your favourite role-play you’ve ever done to satisfy a guest?I do lots of different kind of shows,that everybody can choose what they like.

How to get in contact with you for booking?

On my mail: [email protected] or[email protected]

My website:

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