Strippers in London; Andrea from Sophisticats

Strippers in London.

ANDREA is one of many Strippers in London that that is being featured.

What first attracted you to working in a table dancing/strip cabaret? I love dancing, wanted to meet lots of men, have fun and make lots of money. There are so many strippers in London, so the competition is hard, but I am doing well.

What advice would you pass on to a prospective dancer? You have to lead a double life – your own personal ife and then you work life which is very separate.

Do you find there is any competitiveness or cat fights on the club scene? There’s always competitiveness among strippers in London – it’s just that sort of businesss…. You wouldn’t expect anything less would you??????

strippers in LondonTell us a secret? I wear everything fake at work: eyelashes, extensions, nails, fake tan :))

Do you find there is a sleazy element to the industry, and have you experienced this? When you work with people who have had a few drinks, they always want to try to get you to do extras …… SophistiCats makes sure that we are well looked after and we feel very safe in that environment.

What are your future plans? To save lots of money and invest in lots of property.

Do you have any memorable moments? That would be telling wouldn’t it????????

What is your favourite piece of costume to dance in? Bikinis and the outfits we wear for the themed nights we have at SophistiCats

Has the strip experience changed your views/perspective? Yes 🙂  I have learnt to be stronger, more confident and much smarter, being a strippers in London makes you though.


28 Marylebone Lane, 

London, W1U 2DR 

Tel: +44 20 7224 4488

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