Stripping provides a much better life for my family

Stripping provides a much better life

For their mostly male customers, strip clubs and stripping are the epitome of an adult playground, where libido and fantasy run free.

For critics, they are a depraved wasteland, where women are written off as immoral, lost souls.

strippingFor the thousands of women stripping their clothes off for a living in cities across the UK, it is a job, and they say it is one of the toughest sales jobs on Earth.

“It’s a real job. A real job pays real money. And I am able to provide for myself, my family and my children,” said “Angela,” who dances at Gaslight.

Strippers are part of an ever-growing, multibillion-pound industry. Here is an interview with another successful million dollar Stripper

But as we listened to them talk about competing against other women and avoiding abuse and exploitation, we realized their stories were echoed not just by other dancers, but by women throughout the work force.

On top of the competitiveness and sometimes threatening environment they deal with, the dancers also deal with the shame they feel from disapproving family and friends.

“Angela”, who asked Strip Magazine to identify her only by her stage name, said she was 22 and a recently divorced mother of two when she made the decision to strip.

“I had to make money, good money fast,” she said. And I’m glad I made that choice as stripping provides a much better life for my family”

Angela spends all day with her children, then leaves them with a baby sitter when she heads to work at night. Here you can find good stripper jobs in Europe

“I work at night. My son and daughter are in bed by the time I come to work. I am home when they wake up,” she tells us.

Rachel is stripping to save the £38,000 she needs for studying fine arts at university.

She is an Oxford student.

“I am getting a degree in fine arts. For better or worse, this is probably the best-paying job I’ll ever have,” she said.  Read about the top earning stripper in the world


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