Striptease and Coverdancer Nikki


For how long have you been dancing and how did you end up as a strip-tease dancer?

I started dancing around three years ago when I decided to go for a holiday to Australia. I started of as any other backpacker with jobs as fruit picking and working on a ranch etc. However the wages I earned from that kind of work was not enough to save up for travelling further, I then decided to start a career in the strip-tease industry.How was the first time for you on stage?Amazing.

I was surprised how it all went. Of course I was very nervous when I had to go on stage and start stripping, but by the time I was finished I felt so much better because so many people where watching me and they where enjoying my show. It made me feel so great! So yeah… then I decided to continue and see how everything would work out for me.

 Tell me about your first night at work?

It was hard work in the beginning because I knew so little about the industry I didn’t really know how to dance, or what to talk about with the people who came into the club. I knew that I had to learn a lot, which is usually the case with anything new.

How did you like it compared to now?

Now three years later I am feeling much better and my confidence is much higher. I have learned a lot in the last few years, things that now make working in the industry even more interesting and fun.

Who has taught you the most about your art and what was the best advice you were given?

Nobody in particularly taught or advised me how to do things, I was watching other girls to see how they danced or what they where saying to the customers but in the end, I realised that you eventually learn those things by experience.

What is the lamest line a customer has ever used on you to try to get you to leave with him?

I think everything they try is pathetic. They promise you the most ridiculous things to make you come home with them, but I never really listen to that just think” yeah whatever”. There is no point listening to it anyway because for no reason at all would I ever leave the club with a customer. I am a strip-tease dancer; I perform in the clubs.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a customer?

I like the compliments I get about my personality. Of course it’s nice when people tell you that you are beautiful or that you are a good dancer, but for me it count more when people like me because of the way I am and not only my looks.

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