England team visited the Stringfellow’s club prior to their miserable performance against Croatia

According to the News of the World several of the England team visited the Stringfellow’s Wardour club prior to their miserable performance against Croatia! Several of London’s top girls who retired in the last couple of years seem to have been making comebacks in the last few months.

They include Kerrygold, Russian Sam, and Vicki Holloway . On the other hand several top girls also seem to be retiring from the London scene, these include ex strip-magazine coverdancer Sabrina, ex Miss Shoreditch Varona, and Sheridan.

The owner of the Shake and Swing pole dance and burlesque school Sam Kirli is marrying Eddie Kidd the famous stunt motorcyclist.The proposed new clubs in London at Archway and Wandsworth mentioned in last month’s column have for some reason {given the numbers of clubs already operating in London with few problems} have generated quite a bit of local opposition.

The Wandsworth club is now being opposed by the Salvation Army amongst others and the application for the Archway one was turned down by the council at a stormy meeting late in November. It seems that the 2 Doctor’s applying had not done sufficient homework {on security etc}giving the council an excuse to turn them down but there is talk of an appeal which if properly presented will doubtless succeed.

A new application for “Club Milan” in South Way, Wembley has also been made to Brent council and another application has been made for a place called “South Beech” in Kilburn. Another London club new to me but apparently been open for several years is “Club Sargam” in Edgeware


The “Rembrandt” in Tooley St, London Bridge which created such a stir with London’s idiot Mayor and local clergy is now scheduled to open after all in January. The short lived strip career of “Cundy’s Tavern” in Silvertown is ending in January with redevelopment of the site.

Talking of idiots the Aberdeen Police are apparently to appeal the not guilty verdict on the male stripogram in Scotland, good to see the authorities using public time and money in such a sensible way.
Talking of poor presentation the currently topless “Minnesota Jaxs” in Eastbourne has been forced to re-apply for it’s full nude license as the council felt more information was required. The appeal on “The Loft” in Durham was turned down, this is quite significant as it’s the first one I can remember that a club has lost once taken to court.

The Platinum Lace of Paul St, City of London had had it’s application for an extension to 9am on Friday night/Saturday morning accepted but the same turned down for Saturday and Sunday. The new “Private Eyes” in Dunfermline continues to generate a lot of opposition from local bigots including the local MP, councillors {who approved it because they had not read the application properly} and the Church but it does not seem to have affected the level of custom from the general public.


Despite anti lap dance noises made by the council yet another new club is opening in Blackpool {I think that is 11 now} in the basement of the redeveloped historic Clifton Hotel{left}. No name as yet and “Claudia’s” has regained it’s license after the problem with an under age girl early in the year. Similarly an application to open an as yet unnamed club in Grays, Essex has been made.


The group that own the Purple Door chain are opening yet another new club in Leeds, this one is to be in the old Bondi Beach club near the Queens Hotel right in the centre. It is going to be large {10,000sq ft and a capacity of 850}, hopes to open in March, and will be the 10th club in that city by my count. Another large new club which has just got a license is “Barbarella’s” is an old cinema in Hagley Rd, Stourbridge.

The first club in St Helens called “Lapicious” at Ormskirk Rd opened early in December. An empty nightclub called Prague Junction in Fareham, Hampshire has applied for a license to introduce lap dancing. The Gossington truck stop on the A38 in Gloucestershire has started Thursday night strip shows and the Dial Hotel in Mansfield Sunday afternoon pole dancing shows.

Apparently the “Scandal Café” in Brighton has started having topless shows on major occasions like race weeks etc. “Ziggy’s” club in York now has a web site ,as has the “Essence” wine bar in Walsall ,and the new Hustler { ex FYEO} in Croydonhustlerclubuk.com which opened in it’s new format on December 7th.

The striptease artist of the year for 2007 at the Night of the Senses ball was Roxy . Last year I did some research into crime and disorder regarding lap dancing/striptease clubs via some FOI information from the police and some bringing together of other studies. It shows that as a rule lap dancing clubs create much less disorder than ordinary clubs and that claims of an increase in rape, prostitution, or trafficking are not born out by any evidence. It’s now available either in print or as a download on www.lulu.com


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Author: Saxon

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