The Secrets chain had taken over the historic Gaslight club in St James

The Secrets chain had taken over the historic Gaslight club in St James, London {which has been operating for over 60 years} and it’s to be converted into a table dance format making their 7th club in London though it is to retain the original name. Here you can find more info about the Gaslight Club:

Dinah MightStrip-magazine Coverdancer Dinah Might {left} is to feature in this year’s Erotic Awards in the best striptease artist category. You can also read her interview here:

The attempt to open a new branch of “Wildcats” in Sheffield has been turned down by the council but it looks like it has grounds for an appeal as the grounds were weak and woolly. On the other hand “Wild Cherry” in Newquay has been given a new license despite the usual suspects making inaccurate statements to the press. A new club called “The Bing” in Canterbury has applied for an SEV and another called “The Playhouse Gentleman’s club” has got an SEV to open in the former Maxim’s Casino in Southampton.

A new blog on SEV licenses is on  . The Nottingham SEV consultation which closed on 22nd of February will not report until May apparently.

“Black Diamond” in Briggate Leeds has applied for a major expansion that will double it’s size and involve a name change to “Tantric Blue” reflecting an ownership connection with the Colnbrook club of the same name. This though may fall foul of a new policy by Leeds council which intends to restrict the number of clubs to 4 {there are currently 7}. A similar attempt in Leicester was overturned after 1 of the closed clubs appealed and there will be a public consultation first. A splat here between councillor Joe Marjoram who tweeted that he would welcome a club next door and po faced fem nazi MP Rachel Reeves who wants a ban.

Also expanding is “Diamond Dolls” in Glasgow {above}which is opening a new Lounge with an art deco theme.

The “Bohemia” club in York which opened in 2007 has closed and is for sale after apparently defaulting on it’s rent.

Alex Buchanan aged 69 who opened “Cloud 9” Lincoln’s first lap dance club in 2004 and was involved in several other nightlife venues in the city has died. Talking of Lincoln Gary Jaques was jailed there for 14 months after knocking another punter unconscious in the “Dream Girls “ club.

Mirjana rendulicA new play called “Broken Promised Land” about working in Dublin lap dancing clubs has opened written by Croatian born ex dancer Mirjana Rendells. It seems the much renamed Southend club currently called “Sunset” {formerly Muse, Bentleys} is up for sale.

An independent film called the “Snake Pit” is to be made about the London strip scene. The “Angels” chain which has clubs in the Midlands has started TV advertising on a channel called Brit Asia.



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