Stringfellow’s has been given leave to appeal on sue for unfair dismissal

Stringfellow’s has been given leave to appeal an earlier decision regarding the employment status of Nadine Quashie who is trying to sue for unfair dismissal although she was never actually employed by the club. This is still about whether she can take the club to an employment tribunal rather than the unfair dismissal {should it ever happen} case itself. Get more info on Stringfellows here:

TOWIE star Maria FowlerTalking of Stringfellows TOWIE star Maria Fowler {right} suffered a split dress on a visit there in July and posed for photographers outside to show this off!

An application to open a lap dancing club in an empty former furniture store in the centre of Maidstone has been made, it would be the 2nd club in that town. “Urban Tiger” in Northampton has been granted an SEV though with restrictions on advertising. The “Heaven” club in Cambridge has also been granted an SEV despite a lot of nonsense from the local councillors.

The “Rouge” club in Blackpool has been given more time to pay it’s license fee, the council here seems to be less anti strip venues than it was a couple of years ago when they seemed to want to close every club. On the other hand Rachel Reeves cheerleader for the odious Ed Balls is still trying to ban lap dance clubs from her seat in Leeds which she represents {after achieving a sequence of reduced votes in other constituencies}  thanks to an all woman short list. The council having just granted SEV’s to all 7 clubs will hopefully ignore her grandstanding. A counter petition has been set up here .

Inspector Ian Drummond-Smith of Cornwall Police was forced to admit {only after an FOI request} that he had no evidence whatsoever that lap dancing clubs increase the likelihood of sexual assault despite what he had said when objecting to the opening of Kiss in Newquay {see June’s gossip}. I’d have thought the applicant could sue the Cornish police for deliberatly misleading the licensing committee and hope that they do so.

The “Chatterbox” topless bar in Clerkenwell has apparently been converted into a hostess bar. I understand that “Devil’s Advocate” in Norwich has changed hands and will be reopening. “Max 2” in Lambeth has applied for an SEV license. A gay pub in Lancaster called the “Albert Inn” has applied to put on striptease nights.

“Charlie’s wine bar” which was at one time the only licensed table dancing place in the square mile has been fined £28k for not having an SEV after a raid a few months back.

“Cleopatra’s lounge” in Huddersfield remains open though the casino it shares an entrance with went out of business at the end of June.”Bohemia” Rotherham’s only club has shut and is apparently now scheduled for demolition . The “Napier Arms” in South Woodford has retained it’s license but has to shut earlier and cannot feature live music or dancing.

Beatrix Von BourbonThe Middleton’s cousin burlesque dancer Katrina Darling {see April’s gossip} is to pose for Playboy.Talking of burlesque the Britain’s got talent show has been cleared against complaints that Beatrix Von Bourbon {left} had shown too much flesh on the show earlier in the year.

The “Black Orchid” club in Southport is scheduled to open early in August and plans a separate pole dancing school. The former “Mist” club in Hounslow has been sold and renamed “Kaprice”



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