Dancers from White Horse and Browns appeared as pole dancers at this years MTV music awards

Shoreditch regulars Faye and Julia from the White Horse: plus Lilly and Taylor of Browns: appeared as pole dancers at this years MTV music awards in Copenhagen early in November.Talking of the White Horse it is opening all day on Saturday from the 25th of November at least until Christmas, possibly permanently if it’s a success. Also extending it’s openings is the newly re-opened Victoria in Hayes which also has girls on Fridays now. The Beehive in Bow has suspended striptease {hopefully temporarily} after complaints to the council following starting in October. Caffrey’s Sports Bar in Greenwich mentioned in August’s column should have opened of November 9th but bigots in the local council slapped some sort of injunction on them at the last minute. Expect it to open soon anyway and the council to end up paying legal costs. The former “Rio’s” in Whitley Bay has re-emerged as “Aruba” while retaining it’s justifiably famous Saturday afternoon strip sessions.
The rush of new club openings continues as old fashioned “disco” style nightclubs struggle with the new licensing laws. A first club called the “Blue Room” is set to open in true blue Cheltenham before Christmas, another club called “Pink” opened in Rugby in mid November and the same company is looking to open another in nearby Warwick. While Marciano’s did not get planning permission an existing nightclub called Attica in St Peter’s St, Bedford looks set to open as the 2nd lap dance venue in that town anyway. Shakers of Burnham on sea has had it’s appeal against the turning down of it’s license application put back until January.

The first club in Burnley mentioned in this column in September has opened, it’s called “Tabu”. A new club called “Demures” has also opened in the centre of Cardiff which has always seemed a bit light on such places. Foxies of Swindon moved to a new larger premises in November. November saw the opening of “Direktor’s” Blue Box’s 4th club Leeds plus another club called “Rembrandts”  the new Wildcats also due to open soon there will be no less than 9 clubs in Leeds by Christmas. A new club called the “U Bar” has opened in Church St , Cannock. A first club called “Red Velvet” is set to open in Frost St, Consett.

Spearmint Rhino opened their first 2 new clubs in the UK {Norwich and Glasgow}for several years in November and are still planning several more for 2007. In Brighton an organisation called “Rocco Mana” has won license permission for a 3rd club in the old ABC cinema in East St on appeal. It will be the town’s first full nude club and is likely to cause the 2 existing clubs to re-apply for full nude licenses which were turned down by the council last year. It still has to get planning approval for change of use and if successful will become Spearmint Rhino’s 9th UK club. It’s strongly rumoured that FYEO are also looking to open a club in Brighton.

The freehold of the old FYEO Park Royal now called Route 66 is on the market for £3.2m. An attempt to turn the closed Seven Stars pub in Bolton into a lap dance club seems to have been abandoned. The attempt to open Legends in Shaw near Rochdale has ended with the company concerned going into receivership.
A strip pub called the Office now operates on Sundays in Hartlepool, regular customers apparently include the local mayor who you may remember was elected dressed up as a monkey!

A documentary of disabled men trying to form a strip troop entitled {wait for it} the “Crippindales” being trained up by the likes of Jo King has been made!

Yet another pole dancing competition is being held in the Tower complex at Blackpool in December.

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