A raid looking for illegal immigrants at Soho’s Sunset Strip

Further confirmation of the complete nonsense talked by the likes of Object on lap dancing clubs came in January when Manchester Police released FOI information about their call outs to licensed premises in the city centre during 2010. It showed that the top places were conventional nightclubs like “5th Avenue” {173} and “Opus” {162} and {surprise, surprise !} amongst the very least visited places were “Long Legs” {left, 3 visits} and the “Fantasy Bar” {2} the only 2 strip venues covered which each scored much lower than the local branches of the likes of Burger King {87}and even Costa Coffee {31} ! Another FOI report showed that contrary to what the local police and MP had said sexual assaults had actually fallen in Newquay after the lap dancing clubs {now closed}had opened.
The famous lie that rapes in Camden rose 50% after clubs opened {repeated continually by the likes of Object} has been pretty comprehensively demolished by Dr Brooke Magnanti who is better known as the ex call girl blogger Belle de Jour see,www.scribd.comMore and more councils are declaring their intentions regarding the idiot new laws, the bulk still seem to be either setting a limit at the current level of clubs or not setting a limit at all. The annual license fees set so far I have seen range from £1,600 in Liverpool to nearly £17,000 in Hammersmith, good to see such consistency with this national law.

In Hackney the public consultation got over 2,700 responses {a stark contrast to other boroughs} of which 67% plus did not agree with the council’s “nil” policy for strip venues. This though was not good enough for the council who voted to introduce the “nil” policy anyway but with exceptions for the 4 long established strip pubs and the 1 sex shop.

The exact point of having a public consultation and then doing the reverse of what the overwhelming majority want is not clear.
City Vaults BarNewcastle is considering it’s position regarding the new laws, there are 5 clubs in the city but in addition a reported 15 pubs {eg City Vaults Bar right} feature pre match strippers when Newcastle United are at home. These pubs will exceed the 11 times a year bottom limit set so should need a “sex encounter” license but with only 20 odd shows a year they may find it too expensive. Whitley Bay which also has a large number of part time strip venues has imposed a “nil” policy meaning that they will all have to stop, should help put this very run down resort on the map !

Despite losing £12k a few months ago on an abortive court case and saying they would “turn the other cheek” and also in contrast with the attitude of the vicar in Shoreditch the church in Oxford has decided to lobby to get the license of the “Thirst Lodge” taken away under the new law. In contrast Dacorum council {Hemel Hempstead} has designated several high streets as suitable for “sex encounter” venues.

Sad news that Strip magazine coverdancer and star of the White Horse, Shoreditch and places like the Candy Club and the Torture Garden , Chiqui is leaving London for good in February.
A couple of young girls were fined for defacing a poster advertising the new Spearmint Rhino club that opened in Leicester just before Christmas.

A raid looking for illegal immigrants at Soho’s Sunset Strip https://stripclubguide.com/place/sunset-strip-london/ in December resulted in the arrest of a Brazilian dancer.

The “ Piano Lounge” in Twickenham has had it’s license suspended and now faces court after the Police raid reported in previous columns. There was a knifing at the “Cobra” club in Wolverhampton late in January. The “ Pink” club in Windsor was granted a 4am license.
The Opera based on the life of Anna Nicole Smith opens at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden on February 17th for an initial run of 3 weeks.
The freehold of the former “ Purple Door” club in Hull {right}has been sold, not sure if it will continue as a lap dancing venue.

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Author: Saxon

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