Spearmint Rhino´s has succeeded in overturning a council ban on full nudity after a legal appeal

Spearmint Rhino´s southern outpost at Bournemouth has succeeded in overturning a council ban on full nudity after a legal appeal. This may be quite a significant decision nationally as I suspect similar arguments could be used throughout the UK where towns are insisting on topless only licenses for reasons of prudery. It´s certainly a significant success for Spearmint in its battle with local authorities. Its competitive advantage was however short lived as only a couple of weeks later the other club in Bournemouth {FYEO} also got a full nude license.


While Spearmint Bournemouth is reportedly trading very successfully and with a full nude license looks set to do even better there are signs that other parts of the chain seem to be performing less satisfactorily. The very large Extreme club in Birmingham has always been quite controversial mainly because other club owners regard it as too big for a city which already had a very successful SR in Hagley Rd and several other locally owned clubs. There have been regular rumours that they are having trouble filling the place with both girls and customers and news has reached me that they have experimented with having no dancers on Saturday nights and instead reverted back to a conventional nightclub called ” Rouge “. In Sheffield the SR there reportedly has also had problems generating enough custom and I´m told that it has started to restrict opening hours to cut costs. The story goes that SR is not going to open any more clubs in the UK for the moment but is concentrating on the existing 7.
Talking of Sheffield the city´s 3rd table dancing club ” Goodfella´s” { the old Dog and Partridge strip pub} still looks months away from being ready to me with lots of building work left but unusually it already has a working web sitewww.goodfellasuk.net up and running.

I have heard a so far unconfirmed rumour that the US chain DeJaVu
{which operates the Hustler club in Paris} is looking to buy Soho´s famous Windmill club. It´s thought that this will be re-branded as Hustler though they have many clubs under their own name in the USA. DeJaVu are very big in the US {larger than Spearmint} and this may herald the start of a 2nd US invasion.

Another rumour is that the famous Raymond´s Revuebar {incidentally no longer owned by Paul Raymond except for the property freehold} is also up for sale.

It was reported in the News of the World that East end club Metropolis has now got permission to use the famous water pistols in it´s “wet and wild “area despite being heavily fined for their use a few months ago.

A welcome new East End strip venue has just appeared in the shape of the basement of the ” Russian Bar ” on Kingsland Rd { a couple of hundred yards north of Browns}which operates Thursday to Saturday from 10pm to late.

A new cabaret called the ” Whoopee ” Club has started in a pub called the Duke of York in WC1 featuring monthly old ashioned burlesque type show from the likes of Imodesty Blaze { her act includes the long lost art of tassle twirling} and the Belles of Shoreditch { featuring several long established East End strippers}. Information on www.thewhoopeeclub.com .

Spoke to the very lovely Varona { Miss Shoreditch 2002} and she is returning back to Argentina for good early in September. Her last strip show is currently scheduled for 16th of August and if you have never seen her I would recommend that you try and catch her before then. Her schedule can be found on www.browns-griffen.co.uk .
Top Secrets dancer and general adult personality Niki is featured in this month´s Front magazine. Niki can also be seen on www.mypole.co.uk/niki .

The Rainbow agency has just started an associated new venture called T´n´A offering things like Limo strips, specialised stag and hen nights etc Interested parties should contact Lorraine on 020 8524 3695 .

Rumour has it that the Platinum Bar may be re-opening as a strip venue after all. An application made for a license for nudity in mid June has apparently been approved and auditions have started. The place also now has a web site www.theplatinumbar.com .

News from Edinburgh this month is that the city which has had 2 long established strip bars Hooters and the Burke and Hare, had a new and plush club opening called the Liquorice Club opened by model Jordan earlier on this year. There also is now council permission for a 2nd larger club {600 capacity} just off Princess Street right in the centre though as yet I am not aware of the name of the new club. The city is also to host an ” Erotica ” type sex industry festival in the Corn Exchange from the 29th to the 31st of August this year.
Genius mathematician Steven Hawking was photographed in Stringfellow´s in the middle of the month surrounded by a bevy of lovely girls. The photos made the national press under headlines like ” The Smutty Professor ” !

Brighton has a long established club called Pussycats { actually in Hove} and a new and much larger competitor the Tivoli club now has a license to open soon after the £1m + refurbishment of an old cinema in Western Rd.

In Blackpool {which has 3 conventional clubs plus several strip bars} a new male lap dancing club {aimed at women not gays} has won permission to open. It´s called “Wicked “and hopes to open its doors before the end of this summer.

Talking of web sites the latest trend seems to be for internet private strip shows with the magazine Pole Position´s { www.polepositionmag.com } web site now already offering a few girls on a ” pay as you watch ” basis with more to come. As yet though despite various promises the long awaited 3rd printed edition of this magazine has yet to appear and seems still to be a few weeks away. The Sheffield club Dancing Dollar {www.dancingdollar.co.uk } is also working on featuring some of the girls that work there in similar internet based strip shows.

I understand the proposed new club in straight laced Nottingham called the “Crocodile lounge “is going to open after all despite the usual council opposition. They won a legal appeal and hope to open the club {unusually for the UK in the Lenton Industrial Estate} in September. However in “piano leg draping ” but drug ravaged Manchester Stockport´s High Society club has had it´s license renewal application turned down due to full nudity and touching being found on undercover council visits. The club still operates on a member´s only basis and is appealing the decision.


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Author: Saxon

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