Luton´s first lap dancing club which opened in October has already been successful enough to expand it´s openings from 3 days a week to 6 as of early December

Luton´s first lap dancing club LAPD { see } which opened in October as reported in this column has already been successful enough to expand it´s openings from 3 days a week to 6 as of early December. The girls here are supplied by Promises { see}

The Entertease agency { see } has also a new place in the La Stanza club in Waterden Road ,Stratford which opened in December and has girls on from Tuesday to Sunday 1pm to 3am.

It seems that well known page 3 model and regular dancer around the pubs and clubs of London for the past few years Alison Brown retired from the scene on December the 4th as she is expecting a baby in the summer. Alison was the first really well known model I can remember doing the Shoreditch scene and I would like to wish her well for the future.

The TV news showed Police raiding 3 illegal strip joints in Soho on the night of the 12th making 13 arrests and closing the places down. These were all typical Soho unlicensed tourist rip off ” clubs ” that the scene is well rid of, and it´s to be hoped that the Met concentrate on these types of operations in the future and spends less pointless overtime in Spearmint or Secrets looking for petty rule infringements.

Despite rumours that he is looking to sell up and retire Peter Stringfellow was in Dublin early in the month { the Barclay Club apparently refused him admission ! } looking at possible sites for a new club in that town. Dublin already has several places and looks a very competitive market to me but Peter is reportedly still keen on expansion there. The word on the street however is that Stringfellow´s Paris branch has not been an unqualified success to date with several girls returning home disappointed as to how busy it has been.

News has reached me of yet another new London place called the Orchid Saloon, Maida Vale which also opened in December, this apparently includes a high class restaurant with a separate table dancing room and sounds a slightly different concept from the Secrets/Spearmint model.

The boom in lap dancing is not confined to London, for example during the month I heard me that license applications have been made for 2 places in Barnsley and 2 more in Bradford. Portsmouth´s first club called Elegance opened early in the month and in deepest Essex clubs have opened in Colchester { Club Florin} and Harlow { Polekatz see}. In fact soon it will be easier to name the places in the UK that don´t have strip bars, even sleepy Weston Super Mare { the geriatrics favourite } now has it´s own club, the Sahara lounge opened by a man who won £7.2m on the lottery and apparently decided to spend some of it on livening up his home town´s moribund nightlife !

The opening of Spearmint in Sheffield was delayed for a week to the 20th of December by various minor changes to the building work causing the earlier licence approvals to be invalid. The club is operating on a temporary license but is confident of full approval in the New Year.

In 2000 Sky ran a 6 part series ” Naked in Westminster ” about the trials and tribulations of opening the Sophisticats club in London. Apparently this is now to be followed up by a new series called ” Naked in Blackpool ” about the various clubs there. Sky seem to now see ” Naked in … ” as being a platform for a series of similar programmes rather like the ” Uncovered ” series of drunken debauchery in the sun.


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