married Liberal Democrat candidate Maajid Nawaz was filmed in a lap-dancing club

Caught red handed! – married Liberal Democrat candidate Maajid Nawaz was filmed in a lap-dancing club

A would-be Lib Dem MP who describes himself as a feminist has been filmed repeatedly trying to touch a naked lap dancer in the private booth of a strip-club in East London. 


 Married father-of-one Maajid Nawaz – who calls himself an advocate of women’s rights –  asked for two private sessions in which he was repeatedly seen on CCTV to attempt to touch her arms and thighs, which is against the venue’s policy. Staff said Nawaz had been pestering the girl all night and his actions had been ‘outrageous’. In the film, Nawaz can be seen repeatedly trying to make contact with the girl as she dances naked for him in a private room during two £20 lap dances. 

Abdul Malik, the club’s owner, said he wanted the video to be seen by the public because of the way Nawaz portrays himself as a feminist and a family man. A rising star of the Liberal Democrats, 37-year-old Nawaz is also a leading figure in the Muslim community and head of anti-extremism charity the Quilliam Foundation, which he set up. Malik said ‘He’s always talking about religion on TV and I thought, what a hypocrite,’ he said. He claimed ‘arrogant’ Nawaz acts like a ‘spokesman for Islam’ – but visited the club during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

A different perspective has been given to the story in Tony N blog-Stripping The Illusion:

Tower Hamletts, East London, mayor Luftfur Rahman has been removed from office and a poll was declared void after he was found guilty of electoral fraud

The same person had attempted to corrupt the results of a public consultation in SEV licensing in Tower Hamlets.

Second Southend strip club has been granted a license

A new club has been given a license in Southend despite strong objections from campaigners and neighbours. The town already has one dedicated lap dance club and two pubs that have occasional striptease. The club which is about to open under the name ‘Entice’ is to be located in a former nightclub. The application was presented by Mr Sutherland (applicants solicitor). Mr Weatherstone (applicant) and Mr Mal (Manager) were also in attendance.

The sub-committee noted that no objections to the application had been received from the Police. Four representations had however, been received from local residents. Two of the residents attended the hearing and gave evidence.

The owner of Entice shares that there has been a shift in culture over the past few years that is seeing more women as customers in those types of venues. He envisions the club as a different form of entertainment rather than a sex-industry related business.

Chronicles has been refused permission to open lap-dancing club 

A lap dancing club will not help turn around the fortunes of closed restaurant Chronicles, following a decision by reading councillors. 

The owners of the closed restaurant in Valpy Street had applied to open a lap dancing club in its basement.


But at a licensing hearing at Reading Borough Council, councillors refused the application for a sexual entertainment venue licence stating the nature of the venue was not in keeping with the tone of the area.

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