Silks lap dancing club wins license renewal

 Silks lap-dancing club

Silks lap dancing club bid to continue to operate in Leeds city centre was successful and the club was granted a 12-month license renewal.

Silks lap dancing clubThere has been one objection to the bid made by a charity which supports victims of sexual violence but nevertheless Silks lap dancing club was given a permission to have its license renewed by Leeds City Council The city centre once had seven strip-venues, but in a high-profile change of its regulations in 2013 the council caped it to four.

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John Whittingdale MP enjoys a good night out in For Your Eyes Only and later rejects laws aiming to crackdown on the number of such venues

Culture Secretary John Whittinghale admits accepting free hospitality from a London lap dancing club while chairing an inquiry into his licensing regime.

lap dancing clubMr. Whittingdale and two other MPs were treated to dinner with managers and two female performers by President of the Lap Dancing Association, Simon Warr. Warr is the boss of Platinum Lace and FYEO.

Lap dancing club Elegance bids to move to Southsea’s Albert Road

The culture secretary claimed it was simply an official visit as part of an inquiry by the Culture, Media and Sport select committee about new laws that will decrease the number of such venues.

Although the evening hasn’t been recorded in the committee’s published records and neither was the visit of the lap-dancing club, the night out must have had a positive impact on the MP as the laws that were aiming at cracking down on the premises of such nature were later rejected before the Parliament.

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Temptations Bristol has been granted a license by city councillors

Lap dancing club in Old Market had its license renewed for the next 12 months.

Temptations Bristol

The club had recently changed hands and is now owned by Select Money tree Ltd.

The license bid received only one objection from the Fawcett Society which campaigns for women’s rights. A member of the society who refused to be named grounded her objection on the increasing residential use of the area and the fact that more families are now living in it.

The police has refrained from lodging further objections but a police inspector made representations to the committee behind close doors. We haven’t been further informed about the nature of his comments.

Temptations BristolThe committee received a report claiming that the premises were visited shortly before Christmas and issues have been raised in regards to the performer’s smoking area, CCTV blind spots, the lack of literature related to sexual problems, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, rape and sexual assault. There were also some issues raised regarding documents for performers or possible workers at the club.

A few of those issues have been addressed after the takeover and there are plans for redecoration of the premises.

As the venue is meeting most of the standards for an adult-entertainment club the committee has decided to renew its license, subject to conditions.


Two additional conditions were imposed including an obligation on the part of the owners to inform the council of any recordable offences by any of the senior staff within three days and to change a digilock code on a staff-only area if it is inappropriately disclosed to someone outside the club.

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