Girls at Tantric Blue club near Heathrow handing out fliers

Tantric Blue strip club


Girls at the new Tantric Blue club near Colnbrook, Heathrow {former Spearmint} caused quite a stir at Royal Ascot handing out fliers  !

Miss Pole Competition 2012The annual “Miss Pole Dance” competition {left} in Brighton was won by Sarah Scott who is an instructor at Studio 22 in Taunton.

Talking of awards both the “Stripping the illusion” blog

{currently running a “designer feminist of the year” poll} and ex Coverdancer Solitaire won erotic awards at this years annual night of the senses ball.  Solitaire sadly is retiring from mainstream stripping at the end of June.

Dancers ProtestThe Heaven club in Newmarket has been granted a new license despite some local opposition. Permission to open a new club called Black Orchid in the centre of Southport has also been granted. It will be the only club in the town though there have been others in the past. John Shayler owner of the “Junction 9 “  club just off the M1 has applied to open a new club in posh Ampthill Bedfordshire.  A club called “The Pad” in Bedford has been refused a new SEV. All 7 clubs in Leeds that applied have all been granted SEVs even though there was quite an active campaign of lies against this. The Dancers themselves {right} demonstrated against possible closure.

Spearmint Rhino have donated £500 to a taxi driver in Leicester who had been attacked and robbed by his customers one evening, note not when leaving Spearmint’s club itself.  Talking of Spearmint Leicester they also successfully appealed against restrictions on Stag nights included in new licenses.

The Essex teacher who was found moonlighting as a male stripper and porn actor last year Johnny Anglais is in the latest Big Brother.

The Crazy Horse Paris is putting on series of shows at the South Bank in London during September. An Essex couple were the first in the UK to be married in a strip club at Katz in Basildon.

Platinum Lace’s flagship London venue won the best club award at the “London Bar and Club” awards in June. “Tiffany’s” in Exeter has closed.

Newquay’s only club “Wild Cherry” has been warned about handing out flyers there as apparently it breeches their SEV. Note the authorities only found out via the club’s Facebook page !

Tory Minister Ian Duncan Smith has joined in a protest against a pub called the “Napier” in South Woodford which has been breaching it’s license in a number of ways including having unlicensed lap dancing nights. Lap dancing club Angels may be sold after sexual entertainment licence was refused


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