Split between Browns and the Griffin is completed




Split between Browns and the Griffin


The split between Browns and the Griffin {right} has finally been completed and the Griffin now also has it’s own web site www.thegriffinstripclub.co.uk .

The “Shaylers” club in Ampthill opened as planned and despite all the noise and petitions  the demo against it opening turned out to be pretty much non existent. I suspect locals will now soon forget it’s there though whether it survives in the long term will depend on how many of them actually become customers !

London Gossip January 2013

In a court case which could have been very serious for the industry Nadine Quashie has been told that she was self employed so cannot sue Stringfellow’s for unfair dismissal. The case which has been dragging on for 4 years may continue though as Quashie is considering a further appeal.

The study on the effect of the SEV laws and the impact of strip venues on UK cities has made a preliminary report after the meeting early in December and a summary of it’s conclusions made  .

The study provides some interesting information on the implementation of the act, 198 clubs and pubs now have an SEV license, 5 are awaiting one, and 38 still operate on the old 2003 act {including all the venues in Tower Hamlets which had an expensive public consultation in October 2011 incidentally !} making a total of 241 venues in England and Wales. With Scotland and Northern Ireland having around 20 clubs/pubs that makes 261 in total ie rather less than the 300 plus Object invariably quote. It also shows that 43% of license renewals attracted no objections at all, that so far 16 clubs have had licenses refused the bulk of these being new clubs opening, 2 of these have been overturned on appeal and a judicial revue is awaited for the “Thurst Lodge” in Oxford. Nobody argued that SEVs were a major source of anti social behaviour , noise, harassment, or violence but the study suggest that “moral anxiety and disgust, rather than fear “ {not to be considered in the new law}are behind most objections. The final report is due in March.

London Gossip December 2011

Coventry’s consultation had 500 responses of which a small majority {53%} wanted a “nil” policy so the council looks like having one while allowing “Heat” the only actual club to continue operating.

TV presenter and former England striker Gary Lineaker was spotted celebrating his 52nd birthday at Stringfellows with his wife and son.

The excellent stripping the illusion blog looks at Objects quoted sources of “facts” and the study mentioned above http://strippingtheillusion.blogspot.co.uk/ .

The “Red Velvet” club in Consett was raided by the police early in December, drugs were found and 7 arrests were made, it’s license has been suspended and it seems likely to lose it’s license permanently as the Police have said they are going to apply to have it revoked. It seems that the House Mother was dealing drugs and the owner currently claims no knowledge.

The MatrixThe “Matrix” in Ripley {left} a long time pub rock/strip venue has closed and apparently the freehold is up for sale.

A drunken man has been charged after driving his car at bouncers at the “Western Bar” in Edinburgh after being refused admission.

An application to retain a license at “Max 2” in Brixton has been rejected, it’s apparently been open for 6 years without any locals noticing but having to go to the council brought out lots of previously unheard complaints.  A legal challenge may be coming. The owners of the “After 8” club in Luton have applied to open a new club in Hemel Hempstead.



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