The Tenshi group will have a monopoly on striptease

The Tenshi group  which operate a club at the Circus Tavern and also has a license at the Casino rooms {but has not opened after 18 months} in Rochester have  submitted a new application for another club in Rochester . Apparently it will also be called Tenshi and the group own several other bars and clubs in the town but will have a monopoly on striptease. Talking of SEVs there is a very good blog on the subject by Phil Hubbard  of Kent Uni which gives lots of up to date info on the national situation.

Interesting short film made at the White Horse, Shoreditch High Street featuring some of the dancers who work there, strip-magazine coverdancer Chiqui.

An application to open a first club in Inverness called “Hush” to be operated by the well established Private Eyes chain has been approved by the council. The “Koru club” in Leicester Square Westminster {to be managed by Platinum Lace} has been granted  a brand new SEV.

ForrestorsThe long established “Forrestors” at Southend has obtained a new licence and reopened with dancers at the start of May. It seems that the other strip pub in Southend “ Cornucopia” has decided not to apply for an SEV and therefore has stopped having dancers. The “Fantasy Bar” Swindon’s 3rd club opened early in May after gaining an SEV earlier in the year.

The “Krystals” club in Wakefield has closed and is apparently to be turned back into shops. I understand the “Olde Northwood “ pub in Northwood, Middlesex {right} has decided to voluntarily give up it’s license on cost grounds and will stop having dancers as of June 22nd. The pub started having strippers in 2000 and is another  loss to the ever diminishing band of London strip pubs.

Talking of long established strip pubs I’ve heard a rumour that  the “Woolpack” in Hayes {which has had strippers for 25 years} near Heathrow is up for sale. The pub also has a separate table dance club called “ Inhibitions” on site and the long time landlord Stan Edwards died last year. As I understand it the leasehold of the whole lot is on the market. More certain is that the “White Swan” gay bar in Limehouse which has male stripper nights so is involved in the Tower Hamlets SEV fiasco is up for sale.

The “ Heaven” club in Colchester has changed hands and been renames Climax with a new web site  Secrets Hammersmith club {actually the original one of the chain} has been told that it can’t open before 6pm as it’s license was renewed . Interestingly I don’t think it normally opened before 8pm anyway !

4 dancers have been charged with kidnapping and threatening Curtis Woodman over money he owed them from the Embassy club which was to have operated as a lap dancing bar during the 4 day Cheltenham Festival of 2012 but was closed down by the police halfway through.

The former house mother at “Red Velvet” in Consett which was closed after a raid last year has been charged with drug offences.

The ETO show this year is set for the NEC on 23/24th of June.

The erotic award winner this year was naked belly dancer “ The Jewel in the Lotus “.
Apparently Liverpool  with 9 clubs has the most strip joints per head of population in the UK according to the Sun {though as we know that’s far from being a guarantee of accuracy !}.

A Christian TV cannel called God TV wants to open offices next door to the “Angels” club in  Plymouth !



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