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Now Hit the Button and See the Music with CoverJock CoverJock announce full support of music videos, promotional videos and other video plus the new check-in button for dancers.

March 2012 – CoverJock, now the most successful fully automated DJ and music entertainment system at Gentlemen’s Clubs Worldwide, has added full video support for all of its customers and now includes an illuminated “check-in” button for dancers to indicate they are ready to go on stage.

Since its international launch in August 2011, CoverJock is now being used as the DJ and entertainment system by Gentlemen’s clubs in the USA, Canada, Guam, UK, Europe and other countries.  The system is backed by the incredible guarantee to all Gentlemen’s clubs, that when installed in a club CoverJock will help reduce the club’s costs, help increase the club’s revenues and improve customer service or the club get their money back within the first 30 days !

Coverjock increases sales in Gentlemen’s Clubs

Neil Charrington CoverJock CEO, explained “Our customer’s love that CoverJock offers them the choice of the some of the very best club DJ’s voices from both North America and Europe.  The addition of full video support has been tremendously well received with customers automatically streaming music videos, in multiple different technical formats, to TVs around the club in sync with the music and the DJ. There is a great short video explaining CoverJock’s interactive video at

The new CoverJock “button” is an illuminated wall or desk button that dancers press when they are ready to go on stage after being called.  The button can be located anywhere up to 15 metres (50 feet) away from the CoverJock system and has been very well received by both club owners and dancers.

Did CoverJock Kill the Live DJ

With so many great features that benefit Gentlemen’s clubs, CoverJock customers have been discovering that it is not just about automating the DJ ! – The ‘management statistics’ reports give the owner information about the dances the dancers perform, miss, give private, the hours they work, etc. and the ‘in case of emergency’ announcements repeat until stopped – they do not “leave their post” when there is a real emergency.  There is so much more that CoverJock users are getting to see in demonstrations or trials of the system as they understand why CoverJock continues to evolve the Gentlemen’s club DJ worldwide.

Additional information regarding CoverJock is available at

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