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Twitter users are invited to participate in a debut novel by a blogging lapdancer using the hashtag #NameMyStripClub.  Over October, @sassylapdancer will be running the#NameMyStripClub campaign to generate controversial, sexual or plain cheesy names for the fictional London stripclub the novel is set in.  Based on retweets and audience favourites, the winning entry will be featured heavily and the top 10 entries will be included in an appendix within the book, as well as winning a free copy each.
Modern fiction is evolving, and authors are increasingly connected to their readers.  Anthony Horowitz invited charitable victims to be written into the new Sherlock Holmes novel in conjunction with the charity Kidscape whilst ’50 Shades of Grey’ proved how popular fan fiction could be.  Belle de Jour’s originally anonymous blog spawned the popular book and TV series ‘Diary of a Call Girl’ highlighting how audiences today are still fascinated with the sexier and seedier sides of British life.
About Sassy
Sassy has been writing and blogging anonymously for three years and stripping on and off since she was a teen.  Her blog has gradually grown into, an informative and humorous resource on all things stripping.
Following a two page article in the Evening Standard  she acquired a literary agent – Ian Drury at Sheil Land – and focused on writing a novel which featured a sassy heroine and delved into what really happens in the average shift – the lapdancing cliques, the punter stereotypes, and the surprisingly gross and crude aspects of a stripper’s beauty regime.
With the novel now finished but lacking a name for its most important setting, it is time for Twitter to get involved in a big and exciting way.  Participants can tweet#NameMyStripClub suggestions from today.
Contact Sassy for further information
07984 005 225
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