The industry’s first official and finest commercially produced pop out cake

Pop out cake


After years of development and engineering, Centerfold Strips is proud to finally introduce – the industry’s first official and  finest commercially produced pop out cake, now in mass production and available for sale worldwide.  Our pop out cakes are professionally designed, and constructed of the finest materials available. The pop out cakes are lightweight, durable and it’s modular design allows for quick set up. The entire cake folds down into a flat box, which can be shipped and transported inexpensively and easily.

Pop Out Cakes first appeared on the silver screen in the 1965 movie, “How to Murder Your Wife”, staring Jack Lemon. And just like Jack Lemon, the world fell in love with the glamorous image of a beautiful woman emerging from an oversized Pop Out Cake. The Pop Out Cake is just as iconic in the striptease industry as the dancer pole. However, because of their size and complexity, Pop Out Cakes are still a rarity.

Pop Out Cakes are a great revenue producing item for your gentlemen’s club, and a great prop for touring feature entertainers. The pop out cakes can be uses for them for stage shows, parties, special events, or any function.  Pop out cakes are the perfect gift for your bachelor party, bachelorette party, bridal shower, birthday party or any special occasion! The guest of honor will be shocked & surprised when this oversize cake opens up with a sexy male or female exotic dancer inside! Or – you can have anyone you wish jump out of the cake – a friend, a relative, or a neighbor.

Thanks to Exotic Dancer Publications for their invitation to unveil the new pop out cake at their 20th anniversary expo in Las Vegas. And thank you Suzie Malone – The Premier Magic Burlesque Showgirl  and one of this year’s nominees for  “Entertainer of the Year” who popped out of the cake for the expo’s 20th anniversary opening night celebration. Suzie , along with the cake, found their way to Planet Hollywood Vegas in John Stuart’s production of “I Candy Burlesque!”

A visit at the Trophy Club

A Special Thanks to Bob Madden

For more information, or to purchase a Pop Out Cake contact Centerfold Strips:

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