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The Foca Loca Strip Club

The Foca Loca Club of Milan offers the ideal combination of Night Club and Striptease, a meeting of the new generation with the charm of the classic. Sensuality and professionalism are waiting for you in the most famous Gentlemen’s Club in Europe. Get all contact info for the Foca Loca Strip Club here:

Balance; a tribute to Pole and Striptease dancing

A group of film students from NISS made a really great film with Striptease and Pole dancer Hege Grostad. Allot of it is filmed in String Showbar and I am really impressed by the beautiful result. To get adress and contact information to String Showbar, see this link:

Golden Gate Diamond Club in Frankfurt

A video from The famous Golden Gate Diamond Club in Frankfurt. Get adress and contact information for this club here:

Striptease in a Daydream

We all have our daydreams, maby yours is like this one; striptease in a daydream.

Anastasia Sokolova – Pole Dance

Anastasia performs an amazing show and pole dance performence.

Body of Work and insight of the life in a strip club

A moving image piece that goes alongside a photo-book, which gives a glance into the work lives of several girls working in a strip pub in east London. Black and white 35mm film photography shot in a candid, intimate and documentary manner. Working behind the bar has given me the opportunity to work and become friends with these beautifully ...

Strippers Regulatory bodies

Strippers Regulatory bodies   According to: Managers at Club Rouge in Lothian Road said efforts were under way to create an independent agency which would cooperate with licensing officers and police to ensure safety in strip clubs and adult entertainment venues across the Capital and Scotland....