Comic Striptease Characters

Comic Striptease Characters

Meow boys…….meet Omaha……the femme fatale, as we enter the world of Comic Striptease CharacterComic Stripteases……


So you thought sexiness was only a tag for the living? Well listen chaps, Omaha the Cat Dancer, is the epitome of sensuality and

Created by Reed Waller and his late wife Kate Worley, Omaha makes the likes of Angelina Jolie green with envy; even Catwoman doesn’t have the cream on this puss. Omaha has a devoted fan base, a series of successful adult comics…..and an insatiable sexual appetite.

Comic Striptease
The Cat Striptease Dancer series follows Omaha on a string of adventures, from leaving her sexist office job to the empowerment of stripping. She falls in love with Chuck Tabey, but both are pursued by Chuck’s mentally ill psycho father!

No less dramatic – or sexy – a character is the flame haired beauty of comicdom, the goddess, the Grande Mama… Dawn. She m

aterialises Comic Stripteasein whatever apparel you most desire to see her in….chains, lace….. and she is particularly fond of adorning herself with highly symbolic detail such as…. Oh you know, the usual – thorns, roses, skulls…..


Another sultry striptease dancer who’s life is never short of adventure has to be…..Jessica Rabbit. The original burlesque dame, Jessica Rabbit makes even Pammy look shabby. Long legged and ample bosomed, she has all the glamour of a 1940s pin up model, and the mystery and sultry beauty of Marlene Dietrich. And the best news……. She must be seriously easy to date,  seeing as her choice in men is very low indeed – she married a rabbit….enough said. Read the shocking history of striptease

Comic stripper babes to be continued in Part 2……

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