Comic Striptease part 2

Comic Striptease Little Nancy Callohan

Part 2…… Entering the world of comic strip characters………….


Skinny Little Nancy Callohan…..She Grew Up, She Filled Out’.
So begins our proper introduction in to what might just be the sexiest character in Erotic Comicdom.




Featuring in Sin CiComic Stripteasety – the stylised Frank Miller graphic novel – Nancy was depicted by Jessica Alba in 2006 movie. In one memorable scene, Jess/Nancy moves in a sinuous fashion, swaying to and fro with her lasso in a cowboy getup. That scene immortalised Nancy Callohan, and rocketed Jess up to the status of sexiest woman.

Next up is a character that we adore simply from her title alone – Gail, the Queen of the Whores. Also a pivotal character in Frank Miller’s Sin City, Gail is tough, compassionate and beautiful.

Gail is alluring yet vulnerable…..and excels in bondage and skimpy outfits. Never one to draw a fat ugly bird, Frank Millar’s style is edgy, sexy and this dame in particular deserves her crown as queen of whoredom.

Comic striptease Lady DeathNot to be outdone in the raunchy outfits deartment, Lady Death, although technically not a stripper, is certainly a creature of exotic origins.

Lady Death – whose real name is ‘Hope’ – is Lucifer’s right hand aide (Lucifer as in the Morningstar, the-pissed-off-fallen-angel-Lucifer, head-honcho-of-Hell-Lucifer) and vice principle of the Hot Place…..Hell

She also has a penchant for stockings, leather, red lipstick, rides a three horned unicorn called Vassago and has 2 hell hounds, simply known as Nameless. She likes heels, owns a series of possessed swords – the scariest being the blood drinking Nightmare – and really, when you have all of these cool gadgets…. who needs a pole?

Comic Striptease Characters

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