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If you have been around in the industry for some years, you will most defiantly have heard about the Private Jobs Agency. Since its start in 2005, they have worked with more than 200 clubs and 3000 dancers world wide. Strip-magazine.com had a talk with its owner and founder Dani Stoica.

Thanks for taking your time to talk with us Dani, tell us how it all started?

I started this business in 2005 when a friend of mine opened a club near Athens in Greece. He asked me to help to find dancers for the club,  witch I did. After I did that with success I saw the potential of doing this as a full time job. So I took my Impresario licence and started to book dancers to several clubs in Greece. At one point I had more than 60 dancers working steady in 4-5 club`s in Athens.

After a few years I opened my first office in Bucharest Romania, because most of the good dancers come from Romania. Then I opened an office in Milano, in Munich and I hope next year to open an office in Geneve.

Private Jobs Agency has offices in Romania, Milano and Munich and they are planning to open the next one in Geneve.

So whats the current status for your company now?

I work now with almost all major club from all Europe, more than 219 clubs from 46 countries. I work steady with more than 80 girls per month and I have booked more than 3000 dancers all the world the last 15 years. My company own a private club in Monaco and Cannes and we are co-partners with 1 club in Rhodos Island Greece and 1 club in Ischgl Austria and I inted to open another club in Palma De Mallorca.

Private Jobs Agency works steady with more than 80 girls per month and has booked more than 3000 dancers all over the world the last 15 years.

Tell us why should a dancer work for your agency?

Our dance agency promotes stripping jobs in popular destinations and very unique places. We strive to always have the best updates and most accurate night clubs and strip club list of its kind.

So what does it take to become a dancer?

With our help, even an inexperienced person can work as a dancer, hostess or go-go dancer. Private Jobs Agency has a team of managers well-known in the field, and the principles of our activity are easy to define:

We are determined to get the best from our resources and from our artists, by hard work and innovation, by finding new ways of promotion and development. Providing high quality professional services both to artists and to our customers.

What does your agency actually offer?

Our offers are tempting and varied, the clubs with which we collaborate with, have different systems and conditions. Allowing each artist to choose the offer he/she seems to be in accordance with his/her needs and requirements. All the offers have been carefully checked by our managers. Our goal is to promote genuine values. We watch the artists and we support those truly talented.
We offer our service and information free to dancers so they can save money by not paying the agency fees.

We offer our service and information free to dancers so they can save money by not paying the agency fees.

We have heard some rumours that you received an award last year?

Thats correct, I was awarded as the best dancer agent in Amsterdam. For the last 5 years I have been nominated to the award THE BEST DANCER AGENT. This year it happened and I got the price. This is for me is like a crowning after 15 years in this business.
The event took place in a private and festive ceremony at Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky from Amsterdam.

In 2019 Private Jobs Agency won the award for Best Dancer Agent by the European Nightclub Association in Amsterdam.

When will you quit and leave this industry?

I have done this business for more than 15 years now, its become like a drug and I just can’t leave it. So it will be for many more years.

If anyone wanna get in Contact with Private Jobs Agency and Dani Stoica just click on one of the links below.


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Author: Saxon

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