Peeled; a New Documentary of the exotic dance industry

When From the Woods Productions decided to interview dancers as research for a fictional film we had no idea we would be making Peeled: The Documentary. The lead female in this fictional film was a retired dancer and we decided to make the character as authentic as possible by interviewing real dancers to find out about their experiences. 

The women we interviewed spoke freely about the ins and outs of life as a performer. They opened up about the freedom, love, and passion they have for their jobs as well as the risks, pains, and troubles. They also revealed to us the complexities of the subculture and the misconceptions most have about what exotic dancers do. 


Hearing these candid, heartfelt, and often hilarious tales, Peeledwas born!

Peeled: The Documentary offers a looks into the artistry and drive it takes to maintain a career in the exotic dance industry in a world that both condemns and glorifies this profession. 

The stories of these performers, who are often marginalized and discounted, are hilariously candid, movingly beautiful, and deserve to be heard!

With your help, this documentary can share these stories.

From the Woods Productions is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our travel expenses to get to the Performers who’ve agreed to share their stories with us and, with the success of Peeled, the entire world! 

The interviews already gathered as research were never intended to be seen by the public! We have great footage of dancers sitting on couches but, like any good documentary, we need more. We need to see these women at home, at their home clubs, and, most urgently, at NOLA 2015! That’s one month away!

Here’s a line-up of our stars! Please like them and follow their pages on Facebook.

Vayda Kiss

Lisa Licious

Chelsea La Vone

Sarah Hunter

Reagan Riley 

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This Documentary can only happen with your help!

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