Spearmint Rhino enrolls for license renewal after the end of its six-month probationary period

Spearmint Rhino enrolls for license renewal after the end of its six-month probationary period

The Bournemouth lap-dancing club that has been put on probation by the council’s licensing board is seeking a renewal of its sexual entertainment venue license.

Spearmint Rhino in Yelverton Road was given a six-month licence on a probationary period last December following the claims that the club had “exploited” some customers, including one man who had spent more than £6,000 in one evening at the club. Two other people made allegations the club had taken unauthorized payments from their debit cards. 

Spearmint Rhino “hotly contested” allegations of exploitation but were criticized by councilors for an incident in which three days of CCTV footage had gone missing. 

 Cllr Andrew Morgan, chair of the board, warned the club it was being given an opportunity to prove itself. He said if Spearmint Rhino was back in six months time and similar issues arise, it would be unlikely to have its licence renewed and said licensing officers would be encouraged to carry out inspections of the premises to check it was abiding by all its conditions. 

Now this six month probationary period is up and Spearmint Rhino applied to renew its licence on June 12, signalling the start of a 28-day consultation period in which anyone can make representations for or against the renewal. 

If there are any objections, the application will go before the council’s licensing committee again who will decide whether or not the licence can be renewed. 

An application for opening a lap dancing bar in Wrexham Town Centre has been submitted

Plans have been put forward to open a lap dancing bar at the Midnight Lounge premises in Abbot Street in Wrexham.

 An application for the grant of a grant of a Sex Establishment Licence was submitted to Wrexham Council by Maxi Promotions Ltd on May 26th.

The lap dancing and pole dancing venue would operate in the ‘Midnight Lounge’ 2a Abbott Street, which is located above Penny Black.

The Midnight Lounge would operate Monday to Sunday between 9pm and 4am.

Doing things differently-Venezuelan TV presenter fulfils her promise to strip off if team win

A positive Copa America result for Venezuela apparently means attractive female news readers need to get naked

 Sports broadcasting in Venezuela seems to work somewhat differently to what we’re accustomed to here in Britain. 

In Venezuela, the newsreaders still tell the viewers about the latest results and stories from the football world. They just do it naked. 

The lady in question runs through the results of the first few Copa America matches, weirdly making no reference to the fact she is taking off every stitch of clothing. 

The only nod to their previous vow of nudity comes in her sign off: 

“We just want to say well done to all the teams who appeared in these first games. A big kiss and a message to the national team – we’re with you…”

It may be unorthodox, but this motivational tool is clearly working; Venezuela were certainly not expected to beat the Colombians. 

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