Sexhibition, the erotic event of Norway

Sexhibition is the erotic event of Norway.
This is where high talent is put to the test, while allowing for variation from many newcomers.
In 2005, Sexhibition set some amazing quality standards that are difficult to follow.
The reputed World’s Nr 1 Stripper in the form of Catherine D’Lish was here to show Norway her specialty burlesque style strip that has become widely renowned throughout the USA.
She has appeared in a number of films and documentaries, while presently she is the star performer at the Playboys Mansion and many other festivals.

The Arrangement Manager Nils Ally says: I was scared shitless to talk to Catherine, as I was expecting the “normal” egocentric demands and problems that high profiled people normally come with. At the same time thinking that Sexhibition is a major-tiny event in comparison to anything she has probably done for years.
After a few days of avoiding her, I decided I must speak to her… and Fucking WOW, she was polite, cozy and totally in touch with reality! The fact that she has huge tits made it even more pleasant to talk with her.

While it can be said that the level of female artists of 2005 was star speckled and varied, it must be said that the strength of the male performers went further.
Blade, Carlos and Jeffrey were all on a sci-fi talent level that left the crowds speechless!
Blade is the total package performer that thrives on playing the public.
“Equipped” with a 30cm penis that he uses almost as a stage effect and a dance routine perfectly adjusted for the huge stage effects of Sexhibition, he showed a talent seldom seen on Norwegian soil.
That was until Carlos stepped up!
While Blade has the total package, it can be safely said that Carlos does too!
Just, in a different way.
So, while they were both on a superman level, they were still so unique in performance style that they suited the stage and are close to impossible to compare.
Carlos has a unique beauty of presentation.
His body cut and face is as a super model, in fact better. Anyone at Sexhibition can say that on oath.
As coincidence would have it, the third male was Jeffrey from Holland.
With such amazing high standards preceding him, there is no way he can even try to get seen.
Well, so we thought!
Jeffrey came on stage with the most fantastic Predator costume we have ever seen!
Complete with laser beams and breathe taking dance moves that set the public in awe.

With this kind of line-up, it is clear to imagine the difficult time the girls had to get the public attention!
However, the main Class-A girls made their presence known!
Catherine of course had a style which was so unique you just had to watch.
Natalie Strand from Big Brother had some great new shows for us.
Nancy from Holland also had a force and some amazing talent to show.

On the down side however, the stands at Sexhibition 2005 left a lot to be desired.
Several stands had seemed it fit to gently place a table with some flyers for the public to take information as they feel.
While certain artists seemed it fit to drink themselves shitfaced.
So with such extremes in place, from superstar performances and some weak stands, what else could happen?
To top it all, one of the largest oil companies of Norway, Norsk Hydro held their 100 year Anniversary on the very same Saturday!!!
They had spent over 100,000,000,- kroner (about 10 million Euro) and gave a FREE concert at a huge park on the other side of town!
That pulled an estimated 135,000 guests, and in a town like Oslo where only 500,000 actually live, this will play hell with anything else.
So the turnout Saturday at Sexhibition was far from normal, but still a solid count!

The impressions made from 2005 where clear.

Sexhibition 2006 rocked!
Coming shortly… This year Sexhibition 2007 will be held from the 22 – 27 of August.

Pictures and text supplied by Sexhibition

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