Striptease Coverdancer Immodesty Blaize


British born Immodesty Blaize is Europe’s top showgirl and burlesque queen. An outstanding headline performer, Immodesty’s clientele includes Dior, Cartier, Damien Hirst, Depeche Mode, Sony Pictures and Deutsche Bank


Miss Immodesty BlaizeTell me about your background ?

IB. I was born in Hertfordshire in the UK, went to a convent school and got a job in films after university.

Why did you move into striptease ?

IB. I’d always been interested in 1950’s style glamour. I’d always wanted to be the sort of “ bombshell” sex symbol that you got in the films of that time. Old style striptease with exotic costumes and more tease than strip was very glamorous and appealing to me. I taught myself how to tassle twirl, fan dance etc at home in front of the mirror and started doing a few shows in clubs often on retro type nights as a hobby really. I got a terrific response right from the start. Things really started taking off in 2003 when I was in a video of the single Train by Goldfrapp which was a big hit on MTV and at the same time I was staring at the regular Whoopee Club shows. I started getting enough work to give up the day job and become “ Miss Immodesty Blaize” full time. It’s been wonderful since!

Immodesty taught herself to tassle twirl, now she teaches others

I have always wondered where the market for Burlesque shows was, it’s not in mainstream strip clubs like Spearmint Rhino or the Sunset Strip is it?

IB. No, although I have done shows at the Windmill which was fantastic as they still have a great stage and I was the first person to tassle twirl on it for over 30 years ! The bulk of my bookings come from things like award ceremonies, album launches, corporate events, retro or USA nights at clubs and the like. Recently I have done the Berkley Square Ball and also the Gay Pride party at the Astoria in front of 2,000 people. I also teach things like tassle twirling and fan dancing sometimes to actresses for a particular part. I have been kept very busy.

You have just completed a run in the West End of your show. How did that come about.

IB. At most events and even at the Whoopee Club shows I only did 1 or 2 spots and I’d actually built up quite a lot of material over the years. I was a bit frustrated at never being able to do a full show. I wanted to do a review based on an 1860 Burlesque show which typically featured a leading lady, a cross dresser, a comedian, and a girl troupe and had a sort of loose narrative. I produced this with a guy called Walter and we did several one off shows at places like Hoxton Hall. The owner of the Arts Theatre in the West End saw the show, loved it, and wanted to put it on at his place.

I saw some pretty mixed reviews.

IB. Yes, the critics were split right down the middle, they either loved it or hated it. I think the ones that hated it just did not like the genre on principle. It’s neither a play nor a conventional review so they were not used to it.

Despite mixed reviews the move of Burlesque onto the mainstream London stage has been a resounding success

It had it’s initial run extended though so it’s been a success with the audiences I imagine.

IB. Yes, very much so. The run was extended for 6 weeks and we had enough business to carry on for longer but the actual theatre is being mothballed. The audience reaction to the show was very good and we got lots of celebs in the audience like Lauren Bacall and Frank Skinner who were very complimentary.

Is it hard doing your type of show again and again every night ?

IB. It’s certainly an extra discipline, I did 5 routines in the show and 7 shows a week I had to get fitter both physically and mentally. I think in some ways it’s harder than straight acting as you give more of yourself in the performance.

Did you lose weight ?

IB. No, I’m a sexy size 12 and proud of it! One of the things I love about the older glamour girls is that they had curves and were not forced by body fascists into becoming ridiculously thin. I get a lot of e mails from women who congratulate me on making curves sexy again!

What’s next ?

IB. I have a lot going on at the moment. There is a documentary about me being shot currently which should be shown this Christmas and I’m taking part of the show to Russia later in the year. I am working on another show and am also going to be appearing with Frankie Goes to Hollywood on some of their tour dates later in the year. There is a film about the old Windmill Theatre coming out this year called “ Mrs Henderson Presents” if it does well I can see it giving burlesque shows another big boost.

Who was first, you or Dita von Teese ?

IB. I’m not really sure, I think she may have started just before me but I did not know about her when I started. We are actually quite good friends now and at one point she was considering coming over to do the Arts Theatre show with me.

How could somebody book you.

IB. I have a web or e mail at[email protected]


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