Stripping out loud

An art project that began as a PBR-soaked idea in a strip club.

The project Stripping Out Loud is a 69 piece collector card set, featuring a diverse spectrum of exotic dancers in Portland, Oregon. Photographed over the course of two and a half years, I have worked to create a project that illustrates the power, personality and beauty of these very amazing performers. The card set features the diverse dancer community of Portland, including male, transgender, and various body types.

Portland is home to some of the most well-know strippers in the country, and is famous for it’s club and burlesque scene, so the Rose City seemed like the perfect place to work on a project like Stripping out loud. The images are conceptual, and have been done in a variety of styles, to give each picture a statement, and go beyond traditional pinup photography.

I have been working behind the camera for about 22 year now, mostly in journalistic and commercial photography, and have enjoyed bringing those skills and experience to Stripping Out Loud. The photos have been taken all around Portland, and some feature well-known landmarks. In a way, these cards are as much about Portland as they are about strippers.

Each model in the Stripping out loud card set will receive a modeling fee, once the cards have been printed and sold.

There will be a special sale event in Portland in June, at the Funhouse Lounge. The profits from the card sales will be going to three Portland nonprofit organizations: WISER (Women Inspiring Sexual Education & Revolution), Portland SlutWalk, and a sex-positive theater group called Dance Naked Productions.

I currently have a Kickstarter campaign going on, to get the money necessary to cover the cost of printing 2,500 card sets:

If for some reason the Kickstarter does not reach it’s goal, other avenues are available, such as sponsorship for the project.

I have done this project for several reasons, and I am extremely proud of how it has turned out. I want to show strippers in a way that the general public is not used to seeing them.

I also wanna put the idea of the proud stripper to the forefront. I also have undertaken this because I had not seen anything done in quite this way before, and it seemed like a cool challenge for myself artistically. The nonprofit organizations that are involved, and what they represent, are actually another layer of the project itself.

For the duration of this endeavor, I have received a very humbling outpouring of support from the dancer community in Portland. This town is known for having a lot of tattooed, DIY attitude, ass-kickin’ strippers, and I am proud and honored to be allowed to represent them to the world through my artistic interpretations. I know they get approached by a lot of photographers, with a variety of motives, and I do not take lightly the trust I have been granted.

I am looking forward to the cards being printed, and seeing people’s reactions when they can hold them in their hand and look through them. They will be 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size, on heavy card stock, just like baseball or other collector cards. is coming soon, complete with an ordering page. In the meantime, there is a Stripping Out Loud Facebook group that anyone may join.


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