The Fuel Girls are a kick-ass, ultra-sexy, fire-breathing rock and roll,
dance and stunt show, performing all over the world, with a passion for FMX
shows, rock festivals, motorshows, rallies and WILD parties!!Their crazy no-holds barred attitude and awesome mad max rides, means you
get a bit more than you bargained for when you see their show and they dont
hold back for anyone!

Their show includes dirt bikes, a fire spitting dune
buggy and a Deathproof Capri with a massive V8 engine that roars like a
beast! The girls are not afraid to break a nail and have suffered loads of
injuries, from broken bones to third degree burns, but like their moto says
its better to be sorry than safe
Helen When youve seen an FMX rider break his wrist then tape it up and get
back on a bike to finish the show, it embarrassing to act like a girl just
cause you hurt yourself! You have to be hard-core to be in the Fuel Girls
and everyone has been tested at some point! Vanessa recently caught fire
from some pyrotechnics, she had really bad third degree burns on her legs
and the next day went to the London Tattoo convention on crutches and had a Fuel Girls tattoo!


After shrugging off the modelling industry the Fuel Girls have gone on to
gain 1000s of female fans across the globe, who will try anything to get
into the show, from dirt biking to parachuting! The girls get 100s of
emails every week from hot girls who are secretly boys at heart and would
love nothing more than to join the tour.



Helen The Fuel Girls are all about personality. It doesnt matter how
pretty you are or how big your tits are, infact big tits just get in the way
when you are running across a stadium – weve worked with models in the past
and they have been a complete nightmare, they cant even carry their own
fuckin suitcase. They are lazy cause theyve had people do everything for
them – fuck that. Get some backbone and do a bit of work, you might enjoy

As well as female fans the Fuel Girls have quite a few male admirers,
including Lemmy from Motorhead, who recently invited them to perform their fire show on tour

Helen We met Motorhead while we where filming for our new TV show and we
performed with them at Hellfest Festival in France. It was the best thing we
have ever done and we are really excited about doing more shows with them.
Motorhead are 100% old school rock and roll and still partying hard, just
how we like it!

And the TV show?
Helen Playboy TV have moved away from their usual format to work with us,
which has been amazing. I think everyone recognises how popular tattooed
chicks are and we love that Playboy TV are not afraid to do something
different – the show follows our tour all over the world, from Vegas, all
over Europe, Puerto Rico, Mexico and of course the sunny UK!

The Fuel Girls will be appearing in their own TV show on FUEL GIRLS ON PLAYBOY TV


Calendars are available to buy from

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London Gossip January 2007

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