THE STRIPPING QUESTION! Let’s be candid.  Striptease and similar activities do raise some interesting and important THE STRIPPING QUESTION

Along comes a fascinating enjoyable book by an audacious American author pen-named A Gentleman, who through his unique experiences in clubs, reflections, and qualified research; has especially dedicated The Stripping Question to young women strippers (and those considering the possibility).  One of the erotic dancers who appreciated the book so much, gladly wrote the two-page foreword.

Successful stripping

You are cordially invited to be among the first on this continent to read and hopefully benefit from The Stripping Question.

With increasing numbers of people worldwide stepping into these types of works and activities, The Stripping Question provides a timely, well-balanced, and deeply insightful exploration of these matters.  Young women find it particularly helpful for personal discernments at this stage of their life journey.

Stripping provides a much better life for my family

Although quite conscientious, the then author-to-be surprisingly established amazing rapport with numerous individual strippers, which became the anecdotal highlights in one of the best chapters.  His writing displays sensitivity, genuine care, and incisiveness.  He earned a Master of Arts in Education & Human Development, has advanced theological studies, and years of experience in providing education and counsel for various age levels.

Chapter titles or topics in this non-fiction labor of love, include:

Exotic Dance Definition

Striptease History Lesson

“What’s Happening Sweetheart?” – The Current Scene

Sexual License, Limits, Laws

Ching! Ching! — $trippers’ Incomes

Practical Advantages


Anecdotes of (83!) Real Strippers

Spiritual and Moral Considerations

The book does not condemn anyone.  It can challenge and inspire though.

Current strippers, former strippers, and others have been quick to offer their enthusiastic compliments about the book.  Here is a sample quote from a review:

“Having finished reading The Stripping Question, I think it is great, very enlightening, and interesting!  Recently I often worked in that industry, so I can sure relate to the book and especially liked the parts (anecdotes) that were based on their personal perspectives and how things are in the clubs from “behind the scenes” or “on the sidelines” points of view.  I am very happy that I got the book, learned much, and sure enjoyed.  It is amazing and inspiring.  The author is obviously quite intelligent, motivated, caring, and helpful . . . .  Without hesitation I give this book the top star rating and definitely recommend!!” 

For additional information and to order your new book from the publisher Xlibris, please click here:  ORDER A COPY NOW!  There in the Free Preview section, you can also see the back cover with a mysterious silhouette of A Gentleman, and read the excerpted foreword and introduction.

Go for it!!

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