Lap-dancing clubs and how to make the most of them: a guide for the real gentleman

Lap-dancing clubs: A guide for the real gentleman

Strip clubs have always been the rite of passage towards manhood. Every best man and stag party understands the infinite cruelty of showcasing all the naughty fun married life takes away from the Stag of honor for the rest of his life. Still, whatever happens, the sun will come up and stags will go to strip clubs. The natural order of things.

Lap-dancing clubs: A guide for the real gentlemanAnd when that happens every true gentleman should remember that a lap dance club has a very different ecosystem compared to other clubs. There is a simple set of rules and unspoken laws that govern how each of them operate. Respecting and acting in accordance to these rules could mean a great night out, neglecting them would guarantee you a ruined visit, so it’s well worth your time to think on them before venturing out, so you can make the most of your night and remain a true gentleman.

So, let’s start with the basic etiquette. And, the very first thing to keep in mind is…

What to wear in a lap dancing club

For a real gentleman it’s always a priority to look impeccable. And if this could be your only pass for every classy lap dance club, basic clubs’ dress code does not require you to put your better foot forward.

how-to-make-the-most-out-of-lap-dance-clubsSimply putting on a shirt, nice pants, and maybe even a jacket all show respect to the girls, and will raise the girls’ awareness of you for the whole night. Anything less classy than jeans is a no-no, and underpants are a must! This might seem like something not even worth mentioning, but trust me, you can never be too sure.

One pro tip would be to wear something softer than jeans, as it can be uncomfortable for the girls when giving a lap dance. This also means you should forego any insanely complex and big belt buckles and remove stuff from your front pocket. Moving on, the girls are not mind readers.

Once you enter the club fully equipped you are free and even encouraged to…

Ask for what you want.  As long as it is respectable towards the girls and club regulations

how-to-make-the-most-out-of-your-time-in-a-strip-clubJust like in a dream world, if you fancy a gorgeous woman over there, you can freely go and ask her to join you, and even to buy her a drink of her choice. As the girls in most classy clubs are carefully handpicked for their high-communication skills and charisma, it’s very unlikely that you will regret it, whoever you choose.

The conversation will also give you the chance to talk about what you would like from her. On the flip side, if a girl comes over because she thinks you might be shy to ask, you can simply decline any offers, there is no need for excuses, just be polite like you would be with the waiters at a nice restaurant.

First rule of a true gentleman-Always remain a gentleman

One important thing to remember is simply to relax. First off, you are in a great and discreet environment with a classy company, so try to make the most out of it.

lap-dance-club-etiquette-guideIf anything in the club surprises you, just roll with it, and don’t tense up. There really is no need to. Grab some drinks and sit back, enjoy everything on offer. Don’t overdo it though. Getting completely hammered increases the chances of you doing something frowned upon, and could cause trouble if things get out of hand. On this note, there is no way the girls will sleep with you, so don’t let yourself slide into that mind frame, as only disappointment awaits down that road. That doesn’t mean you can’t feast your eyes upon the show and get immense pleasure anyway, so it is hardly a trade-off.

Going for a private dance gives you more close contact, but always remember that she is in control, and you do exactly nothing she hasn’t explicitly given you permission to. This is totally non-negotiable.

Finally, be ready for…

How lap dance bar drinks and pricing work

Strip clubs are far from the cheap end of the spectrum for drinking, especially premium stuff. It’s not insane, but given the service provided this is more than understandable.

If you talk to girls, order them drinks and remain respectful, they will be highly appreciative and help you have the time of your life.

With all that said, things are really not as strict as they may seem to be, you just have to be a gentlemen and the girls will love you.

Also, always remember to tip.

Letty James xx

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